Alice in 1D land~

One night there singing in London next, there in wonderland. Thing get pretty messed up for the 1D boys when they meet the mad fanner.


1. Concert Crazy

                                                                        HOLLY'S POV:


Tonight is the night i'm taking one direction to wonderland with me. BWHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHAHA. I'm not crazy, aha-ha-ha. But seriously i'm not. (Eye Twitch). I don't do that 'cause i'm crazy, I just uh, um, er, ler , I read to much. (Eye Twitch). Oka back to the one direction thing. Yes they shall be mine. I must go tell Alice. No. Nevermind. she won't let me keep them. But I know a place in wonderland to take them. The Tropical Line. HA HA HA HA HA. Still not crazy. Okay concert time.



I'm here. (Eye Twitch). Now I have backstage tickets. I'm gonna give the boys some of my crazy pass-out gum.(Eye twitch). Yes almost time, just after this song. My favorite song. (Eye Twitch). Hip sway. can't reiest. "YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH YEAAAAAAAAAAAH AND LET ME KISS YOU" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Everyone turned and looked." What, I scream" I said matter of factly.


It's over now. Time to drive the car into the brick wall and.......Poof were in wonderland. The boys should be awake in 5 minutes just enough time for me to get them inside. HEHEHEHE. I giggled. Oh I spit up a little. Oh well come on boys.


                                  Harry's POV:

I woke in a room tied up wit the rest of the boys. All I can remember is taking a piece of gum from that girl. I cock my head to the left to see that same exact girl. AW CRAP.

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