I don't do girlie stuff

Hi my names Vanessa Corkblue. I am a the worlds youngest, yet, greatest spy.


3. Mission: 2 (chapter 2)

Vanessa's POV 

"ha well I'm Vanessa Corkblue and I am your second bodyguard. I will be at every concert, signing, meet and greet. All that stuff the only time I won't be with you is when you go to the bathroom or at night!" I say as my gun is about to slip out of my leather jacket "what's in your jacket?" Zayn asks curiously "ugh nothing!" I say pushing the pistol back up the jacket "alright" zayn says walking out "he's weird" I say. I take out 5 tracking bracelets "press these buttons if in danger throughout the night or if I am not with you. They are tr-" I stop "they are what?" A blonde dude says "they are bracelets to know where you are" I say putting the bracelets on each boy "ZAYN!!" I yell. In an instinct he is in The room "here" I say putting the tracking device on zayn "okay get out!" I say pointing to the open door "yes sir!" Louis salutes and runs out "douchebag" I whisper as all the boys file out. When the blue are all out I lock the door and take out the dummy and start punching and kicking it. 


"goodbye sweetie. We will be back on the 4th of July" my mother says as she kisses my forehead "bye honey have fun now won't you?" My father asks hugging me "yes daddy" I say in my 5-year-old voice "bye sweetie" they both say driving off "bye bye" I say waving and crying. An image of a gun comes in mind "aunt Lou what if day get shooted gone" I say starting to cry at the thought "they won't sweetie they won't!" Lou says hugging me. 2months past after 4th of July and they never came "Lou where are my pewents?" I ask crying "I'm sure they are just stuck in some work." Lou says. But I knew deep down in my heart that they were gone. A week later a phone call was placed "hello?" Aunt Lou answers the phone. After 2mins on the phone not talking she drops it and falls to her knees crying "what's Wong?" I ask rubbing her back "their gone" Lou says. At tht moment I run up to my parents room (yes we lived with aunty Lou) and got out a small dummy and practiced on that. 

~end of flashback~

I didn't realize I was crying until I felt a cold drop on my hand. I kicked the dummy some more time as it fell apart. Sand went everywhere "AHH!" I scream "sweetie open up" my uncle says calmly "WHY!! WHY SHOULD I?? I WAS KEPT HERE WITH NO PARENTS!! WHY SHOULD I!!?" I scream smashing the T.V and throwing it out the window. I smash everything in the room. Even the bed. And lie on the floor curled into a ball "WHY!!??!" I scream smashing the door of my wardrobe and seeing a secret door behind it all "what the fuck?" I say opening it to see weapons and gadgets and.......pictures of a young boy? "He was your little brother" Lou says from the door "you scared me Lou" I say "he went missing 2 months after u were born" Lou continues "where is he?" I ask looking at the gadgets and weapons "he's still alive but we never found him. He was 15 months old when you were born and your mother was worried about him. He had brown hair and the bluest eyes you could ever see" Lou continues "what was his name?" I ask looking at the photo of him "it was.....

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