I don't do girlie stuff

Hi my names Vanessa Corkblue. I am a the worlds youngest, yet, greatest spy.


2. Mission: 1 (chapter 1)

Vanessa's POV 

"GOD DAMIT VANESSA TELL ME!!!?" My friend Cloe screams at me "I CAN'T!!?!" I yell back running into my bedroom and packing my bags. I grab another bag and put all my guns, knives, spy suites, tranquilizers and badge into it "VANESSA UNLOCK THIS FUCKING DOOR NOW!!!" Cloe yells "IM LEAVING!!! IT'S TOO DANGEROUS FOR YOU TO BE NEAR ME!!" I say coming out and leaving. If your wondering why we are fighting, it's because a guy broke in while we were at nando's and I shot him dead after he cut my stomach and said "your dead meat!" And Cloe wants to know why I have a gun "NOO VANESSA I DON'T WANT YOU TO LEAVE!" Cloe screams starting to she'd some tears "I'm sorry Cloe but my aunty has asked for me in London by tomorrow" I say kissing her cheek goodbye. No I am not a lesbian. I act like I'm her mother at times "huh okay bye then" Cloe says hugging me goodbye "ill come and visit don't worry" I say walking to my car "BYE!!" Cloe says from the door. I wave and start to drive out of the drive way. 

~skip car ride~

i find my aunty Lou's place and knock on the door. I hear shuffling of feet and a click "oh hello sweetie come in" Aunt Lou says with the door wide open "Hello honey" Aunty Lou's boyfriend says "Hi" I say embracing him in a hug "how have you been?" Lou asks "ha same old, same old" I say taking my bags up to the spare room and come back down "Now. We have a job for you Van! You will protect the boys with Paul" Aunt Lou says holding baby lux from her slumber "yes Aunt Lou" I say dreadfully. If your wondering. I HATE one direction! "They will be here in a couple of minutes okay?" Lou's boyfriend says "yes uncle" I giggle going up to my room. I take out my knife and fake dummy and practice *knock knock* "ugh just a minute!" I say stuffing the dummy in my wardrobe "come in!" I say grabbing my phone and start to play temple run "ugh hi you must be our other b-body guard" a young man says holding in laughter "what's so funny?" I ask turning my phone off "it's just that your a girl and and HAHA!!" He laughs falling to the ground "okay then...since I'm a girl. Fight Me!" I say standing up and walking to the clear space "no!" He says "what? Scared your gonna get beaten by a girl?" I ask laughing "GUYS COME WATCH!!" I scream "COMING!!" I earn hearing lots of sets of footsteps coming into my room "this-" "Zayn" Lou cuts me off "okay Zayn is going to try and take me down! TRY!!" I say standing there "whatever" zayn says charging at me. I move out of the way and watch zayn run into the wall "NEXT!" I say. A tall boy with blonde hair stands in front of me. He throws a punch. I grab his fist and twist his arm behind his back "NEXT!" I say. A big buff looking guy stands at least a couple of meters away "That's Paul" Lou says "okay! Bring it!" I say. I jump wrapping my legs around his head and doing a back flip making him land on his back and me on my stomach "Shit..." A guy with curly hair says "hey you! Grab a knife" I say pointing to the curly haired one "ahh okay!" He says running down the stairs and back up with a bid black knife with him "that's good! Now charge at me with it" I say. I let him pin me on the floor with the knife against my throat. I take his hand and twist it making him let go of the knife. I take it and pin him on the floor with the knife against his neck "Good job Van!" Lou and Uncle say clapping "and you said a girl couldn't do it!" I say helping dizzy zayn up off the floor "I regret saying that!" Zayn says. 

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