I fell for my bully

Kylie-Ann isn't known much as popular around school. She gets bullied by her older brothers' best mate. They use to be really good friends. What will happen when she falls for him???


30. We kissed..

(Baby Darcy! 12 weeks^)

*Harry's POV*

"This is amazing guys. We all made it to the next stage!" Niall cheered as we walked in on a sleeping Kylie,Bri,Nik, and Katelyn.

They were watching Love Actually.

We decided to sit on them.

Well not Kylie.

We all started bounce well expect Louis and I.

"WAKE UP! WAKE UP!WAKE UP! TIME TO WAKE UP!" Lou and I screamed.

Kylie's eyes flew open.

Oh shit we're dead.

Pregnant women will kill.

"EVERYONE SHUT THE FUCK UP! YOU'RE STRESSING ME OUT RIGHT NOW" She screamed then ran up to her room.

I followed.

She slammed the door before I even got to it.

I knocked softly on the door.

"Hey Ky. It's Harry open up please?" I begged but questioned

She opened the door and went back to lay on her bed.

I closed the door and sat on the bed next to her.

She took my hand and placed it on her belly.

"I can't believe there is a little person inside your belly that we created" I said happily

"Yup. It takes two to make a baby" She giggled

I looked up at her and she looked back at me.

I slowly leaned in.

She leaned in too.

Then bam!

We kissed..


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