I fell for my bully

Kylie-Ann isn't known much as popular around school. She gets bullied by her older brothers' best mate. They use to be really good friends. What will happen when she falls for him???


21. Roadtrip

*Harry's POV*

Finally it was time for lunch.

I rushed out of Ms.Clark's class and .rushed to the cafeteria.

I sat at the table with Bri and Nik waiting for Kylie.

She finally walked in with........that kid Kyle.

Why is her hair wet...

"Hey guys. Hey babe." She said pecking my cheek

"Um...why is your hair wet?"I questioned.

"I went to the beach with Kyle"  She said and glanced at Kyle who smiled

"What the hell Kylie?!" I raised my voice a little so only her and a couple of people could hear it.

"What the fuck is your problem?" She said 

"You're my fucking problem. Grow up Kylie. You're so fucking immature. Fuck you" I said getting up.

"No Harry fuck you. We're done" She said her eyes getting watery 

I got up and walked towards Katelyn and started making out with her.

Gosh did I really just lose the best thing I ever had?

*Kylie's POV*


"Kylie are you okay?" Bri asked

"Yeah I'm fine...Hey guys" I said with watery eyes

"Yeah?" They questioned

"Wanna go on a road trip?" I asked "I could really use it"

"YES!"They  screamed.

"Okay go pack" I said getting up

I went home and packed all my clothes I would need.....OH no Liam walked in.

"Where are you going?" He asked raising  an eyebrow.

"Out. Place." I responded bluntly 

"Kylie don't play games" He responded

"Don't be like dad Liam. Stop being such a debby downer" I said

"Don't you dare compare me to dad" He said 

I rolled my eyes and heard a honk.

"BYE!" I chimed running out and got into the car

"HERE WE COME BEACH!" I hollered as I put on my black Ray Bans.

"We're cumming now? " Kyle asked

"DIRTY LITTLE BOY!" Nik and I laughed out

Here we come beach.....Good-Bye London.....See ya in a week!

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