I fell for my bully

Kylie-Ann isn't known much as popular around school. She gets bullied by her older brothers' best mate. They use to be really good friends. What will happen when she falls for him???


3. Meet Nik Watson

Name: Nik Watson

Age: 18 

Favorite color: purple

Favorite animal: pandas  

Best Friend(s):Kylie-Ann and Brianna

Hates: people who judge others, people who are rude and fake, Katelyn Morrison

Crush: Liam Payne ;)

Siblings: none only child :)


Bri,Ky, and I are the three musketeers. It use to be four us but Harry has been tripping since 8th grade. I guess I miss curly being around. Now all he does is be an complete ass to us. Eh his lost. Katelyn Morrison has been bitch since the day she stepped foot in our kindergarten class which was over ten years ago. Way to hold a grudge postage. But I have a huge crush on Liam which is also Kylie's brother but she's okay with that. You just gotta love that girl. I am bisexual. DON'T JUDGE! Treat me with respect and I won't tell you off... and treat my best friends with respect to or I'll go off on you!

Alrighty I'm out of here xx byeeee 

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