I fell for my bully

Kylie-Ann isn't known much as popular around school. She gets bullied by her older brothers' best mate. They use to be really good friends. What will happen when she falls for him???


9. I will not give in

(Dylan on the right.Cooper on the left)

*Harry's POV*

I still couldn't believe Kylie had said those things. I mean that is the only reason I'm with Katelyn but she doesn't need to know that. Shhh keep it between me and you. I was soon interrupted when Kylie,Nik, and Bri walked past. She was so pretty. Her brown hair. Her green eyes. Her lips......WHAT AM I SAYING!?!?! She broke my heart!

"Harry?" Katelyn said while chewing her gum

I shook my head zoning back in "what?" I said

"Lilly invited us to her party this Friday...do you want to go?"

I thought about it did I really wanna be at that party...nope I'll go to Liam's and hang out with the guys

"Sorry love I'm gonna go hang out with Liam and the boys" I say while fixing my hair

"But Harry" She whined

"Sorry love I already made plans with them" I kissed her cheek as she pouted.

I really wish this was Kylie and not Katelyn.

Harold Edwards Styles stop thinking about her I say to myself.

The bell wrong. YES! Gym time with Kylie! I get to see her. Once again stop it. I think.

I still have to get her back for earlier.

-In Gym-

We're all outside. Dylan,Cooper, and I are all just throwing the football around. When we decide to take a break and just sit down.

"Kylie looks hot" Dylan said while smirking 

"Agreed.Don't forget Bri she's hot too" Cooper said

I don't know why but this mad me a little mad. Not the Bri part but the Kylie part

"Kylie's okay" I said

"Harry are you blind man?!?That girl is cuter than Katelyn..You've got to admit that" He said

"Okay whatever you say guys" I replied

"I'm gonna go get her number" Dylan said while getting up and walking over to Kylie

"Cooper do you think Kylie's hotter than Katelyn?" I asked

"Kinda. Plus Kylie is smart. Katelyn is dumber than a door knob. Being smart is attractive, but hey its whatever" He said

Then the bell wrong

I'm not gonna give in and forgive Kylie no matter how much I still like her. It's not happening

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