I fell for my bully

Kylie-Ann isn't known much as popular around school. She gets bullied by her older brothers' best mate. They use to be really good friends. What will happen when she falls for him???


27. He's there

*Kylie's POV*

I kept walking.

Until I bumped into someone.

It was Kyle....

"Hey Kylie are you okay? It looks like you've been crying." He said

I just hugged him and start  crying into his chest.

I felt water drop onto my hair.

Is he crying?

I looked and it started raining.

He just hugged me.

"I-I'm sor-ry" I sobbed out

"Aw don't be...It's okay...Wanna tell me what's wrong?" He questioned

"I'm....pregnant" I muffled into his chest

"Oh....Everything is gonna be okay Kylie" He whispered in my ear "Now let's get out the rain"He said putting his jacket around me.

"Okay"I whispered as we went back to his flat.

"Hey mum" He said

"Hi Kyle. Permilla is upstairs unpacking. Lena and Aiden are outside....and who is this beauty?" She questioned

"Mom this is Kylie. Kylie this is my mom" He said smiling

"Hello Hun. I'm Dorthy" She said holding out her hand.

I smiled and shook her had.

"Nice to meet you Mrs.Smith" I replied

"Just call me Dorthy hun.Are you two hungry?" She said

"No mom now we'll be up in my room" He said grabbed my hand and leading me to the room

"Your mum is nice" I smiled

"Yup. So how you feeling mommy Ky?" He asked

"Kinda sad...My baby isn't gonna have a dad." I looked down and started thinking about Harry.

"That's not true" He said

"What are you talking about?" I questioned

He lifted my head up by placing two fingers under my chin.

"You're looking at him Kylie" He said.

"Kyle I couldn't ask you to do that." I replied

"You aren't asking. I want to." He said.

"Are you for sure?" I asked

"Positive" He smiled

"Well if it's a girl I want to name it Darcy Ann but if it's a boy you can name him. Deal?" I asked giving him sometime of  parenting already.

"Deal. Now let's go tell my mom?" He said.

"No not yet." I said

"Why not? I'm excited!" He cheered

He was happier than Harry and he isn't even the baby's biological father.

"Because I have to do this first" I said

I kissed him.

I felt sparks.

It felt like bombs went off.

I pulled away.

"Now?" He asked

"Now." I said racing him downstairs  

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