I fell for my bully

Kylie-Ann isn't known much as popular around school. She gets bullied by her older brothers' best mate. They use to be really good friends. What will happen when she falls for him???


5. First day of school (Bri and Nik's point of views)

*Bri's POV*

Buzz.....Buzz.... Someone's calling. Do I really want to pick it up?  "Bri pick up your phone it could be your blonde leprechaun calling" Nik says  I didn't even think of that......I pulled out my phone and sure enough it was my leprechaun. We've been together for nine months now and I think I can say I'm in love with him. 

"hello blondie" I say into the phone

"hey princess. I was wondering if you would let me drive you to school since it's your first day"

"I would love that Ni"

"Okay I'll be over in five"

"Oh well I'm at Kylie's"

"Oh okay well then I'll be over in a couple minutes"

"Okay bye!"

and with that he hung up. "So Bri was it your lover?" Nik asks making kissy faces at me

"Yes it was" I answer while going downstairs to see Harry.

It was silence until Nik came downstairs

"what the hell is he doing here" Nik whispered in my ear

I shrugged "Do you want to wait on Kylie or you can come with me"

"I'll go with  you" He replied and with that there was a honk outside

I ran outside with Nik following behind and got into Niall's car.

"Mind if Nik tags along?" I gave Niall the puppy eyes

"Not at all" He said which caused me to smile.

*Nik's POV*

I really didn't know about leaving Kylie with Harry there but Liam was there so he wouldn't be mean to her.

Would he? I don't think he would...Not while Liam was there. Just the thought of him brought butterflies to my stomach. The way he talks. His childish moments with his nerf gun. The way..ugh my thoughts were interrupted  when Niall pulled up to Langston High School (the picture above)

"Thanks Niall" I say as I get out and wait for Brianna and Niall to finish their goodbyes.

Finall after about five minutes of standing there Bri finally got out the car...took long enough.

I text Kylie that we were here...I don't think she's gonna be very happy with us when she gets here.

She'll live...right? It's not like he is driving her to school. 

Right there the school's bitch Katelyn showed up

"Hey rejects" She said as she passed us.

"Bitch please at least we're realer than you. You're faker than barbie" Bri snarled

"Excuse you?" She asked while glaring at Bri

"No hun excuse you. Now don't let the witch hit you with the ugly stick......oops to late" I said while grinning

"Whatever" She snarled while walking away

Yeah bitch keep walking.

I high-fived Bri and with that we walked to our lockers


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