I fell for my bully

Kylie-Ann isn't known much as popular around school. She gets bullied by her older brothers' best mate. They use to be really good friends. What will happen when she falls for him???


10. Am I over him?

*Kylie's POV*

I hate gym so much all Bri,Nik, and I do is just walk around the track field, but someone cameover that I didn't expect to come over.....It was Dylan....This should be interesting.

"Hey guys" Dylan said while smiling

"Hey?" we all questioned

"Um can I borrow you for a minute Kylie?" He asked politely

"ooooo Kylie" Bri and Nik said which was followed by a wink

Those idiots. You gotta love them.

"Sure" I said while laughing

He grabbed my wrist.I was kinda scared. What if he hit me? He wouldn't do that.

"So What did you need me for? If you're asking me to do you're homework its a no." I said

He laughed....What was so funny?

"I'm not gonna ask you to do my homework ,but I wanted to know if maybe you wanted to hangout Saturday?" He asked in a hopefully voice.

"Ehhh no thanks" I said jokingly

"Oh sorry for bothering you" He replied sadly

"Wait..." I said feeling guilty "I would actually love to go out with you"

"Really?" He said excitedly

"Really."I smiled

"I'll text you later? He asked

"Yeah I'll give you my number in sixth period" I said calmly but on the inside I was kinda freaking out....

Was I falling for him? Was I done with Harry? 

"Okay can't wait until sixth period" He smiled and walked by to Harry and Cooper.

I walked back to Nik and Bri. 

That's when the bell decided to ring....Well I'll tell them later

I walked to fifth period with a smile on my face until I walked in and saw Katelyn.

I just can't get away from this bitch.




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