a night to remember

hailie lauren anna haileigh and monica are all 5 besties who are dying to go to a 1D concert and maybe end up marrying them ( lol ) will they go or will they not? 0.o


2. the party and the surprise

`OMGEEEEEEEEE` , It was the five members of one direction. liam started talking, ìs this the munoz residence?` Abby was speechless. did he just say HER name? she didn`t realise how long she had been silent until louis said `um. excuse me?` and she snapped out of it and realised that this wasn`t a dream, to make sure though she pinched herself privately. IT WASN`T A DREAm, this was real life! one direction was at HER house asking for HER! sHE RELISED SHE STILL HAD TO ANSWER HIS QUESTION `UMM.. Y-Y-YESS, and you a-a-are?` `oh don`t play dumb you know who we are .` harry said. wow had harry really just said that ? who did he think he was? he couldn`t speak to her like that `excusse me?` `you heard me.`

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