Hiding From You...

I hide from You because, I'm afraid of falling in Love with you...Even though
I Love You...


4. Play Outside?

Cassidy's POV

I wasn't sure what to do now? So i decided to get to know the boy more better, I mean i don't even know his name?.

"Hi!" I say to him,

"Oh Hello" He answers.

"Could i ask what your name is?" I ask him politely.

"Harry" He smiled, I became bored.

"Harry?" I asked,

"Yes?" He said

"I wanna get to know you better and also Why'd you take me here?" I ask.

" Well, Cassidy. It's because i saw you get hurt and i've known you before but you probably don't remember me. Even if you remembered" He explained.

"Oh, so you know me from before? How?" I ask, "You used to live near me, and also because i helped you get away from a man when we were little." He told me.

"T-that was you?" I asked in confusion.

" Yea, you don't really used to play with me" He frowned,

"Don't be sad" i said looking at him, He began to smile.

"Well, maybe we can play now?" I smiled at him. He jumped up and down like a little kid, "Yes!" He yelled. We ran outside and began walking around the park.

"So, Harry. Where's your favoritue place to play and hang out?" I ask

"Well, I do love..ICE-CREAM!" he yelled and

"Come on my back" He said i Jumped on and he piggy-backed me to the ice-cream shop, It was so fun!I l loved it. We walked in and i hopped off his back. I looked at the ice-cream plavours and licked my lips

" What flavour?" He asked.

"Strawberry" I said

"Nice" He reply

"Hi, Welcome to IC-Cream, how may i help you?" The lady at the counter asked. "One Strawberry and One chocolate please" Harry asked.

"Coming right up" She replied, we sat down and started talking and getting to know each other more, Then our Ice-cream's came it was the best day ever!


Hi Gummie Bears! :)

Sorry this one's a little boring i had a serious case of writer's block :/ but i sorted it out


-Ariah :) <3

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