Hiding From You...

I hide from You because, I'm afraid of falling in Love with you...Even though
I Love You...


2. Partners? Appears so..

Cassidy's POV

I woke up by the sound of my alarm still thinking about my dream. I was just lucky that boy saved me. I never got to meet him because of how i ran away. But i remembered his figure, He was also my age. Did i know him? Think Cassidy Think who used to live in your nieghbourhood?....Hmm, Niall, Chrispher,Terrance , Harry. Probably one of them? Ugh! i couldn't stress with this now. I checked the time...Crap! I'm late. I ran to my closet grabbed an outfit and wwent to the bathroom. I put my hair into a quick ponytail, didn't other for makeup, I mean who is there to impress anyways? 

(http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=78904446 Cassidy's Outfit)

I walked out of my small apartment and walked to school. I couldn't afford a car, bike, skateboard or bus. I'm kinda broke because of my apartment rent and school fee's. So yea.

-Bell Rings-


I ran to my classroom hoping i wasn't late. But it was just my luck! i was late, and everyone stared at me as i walked in.

"Hello"I said casually and waved.

"Miss.Den Why are you late?" Mr.Yolan Asked me crossing his arms.

"I-i slept in?" I explained. He just rolled his eyes and motioned me to take a seat. I sat down and sighed, and rolled my eyes and put my forehead in my hand

. "Hi"A voice next to me whispered. I turned and saw it was a boy,

"Hello?" i said whisper confusingly.

"What's your name?" He asked still whispering.

"Oh I'm Cassidy, Cassidy Den" i whisper

"Conor,Conor Losies"He says back.

"Ok, So i will partner you up with someone and you and your partner will work on a volcano." Mr.Yolan explained the project. "Emma and Jayden, Leeane and Devon....

"I waited until i heard my name "Cassidy and ConorHe said. What a surprise, Conor leaned in and whispered

"Looks like were partners" and laughed.

"It appears so.." I say and laugh.


I'm so so sorry it's short you guys, i'm just busy but you want the chapter so i give it too you :) I promise i'll make the next chaper more interesting :D please tell me atcha think ;)


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