Hiding From You...

I hide from You because, I'm afraid of falling in Love with you...Even though
I Love You...


5. Meeting The Rest Of The Band

Cassidy's POV

Harry's letting me meet the band, I'm so excited! I've never met a band before.

"Cassidy! You ready? Were going now" Harry yelled from downstairs,

"I'm ready!" I yelled back and ran downstairs.

"Ok let's go!" He said and i hopped into the car.

This is the first time i went out since the accident with the man. I've forgotten what the nieghbourhood, and the city looks like. It was beautiful! My eye's were consentrating on the view outside the window.

"Wow" Was all I could say, I was completely speechless.

Harry chuckled "Haven't been outside for a while I see?" He said

I look at him and shook my head "Nope" I laughed

He laughed

After a while..

We drove onto a drive way leading to a big, wait no HUGE, Mansion.

"Holy- Woa" I say, amazed with what I saw. 

Harry chuckled "Wait until you see the inside" He says

I looked at him and laughed. He parked infront and went out opened the door for me

"Thank you Kind Sir" I laughed, He chuckled and we walked up and He rang the doorbell, Infront of me stood 4 guys

"Guys This is my friend Cassidy" Harry explained. I smiled and waved

"Hi!" I say cheerfully. They waved

"Hello" They say

We walked in and I looked around,It was,Just wow.

"Wow" I said speechless.

They all laugh. "Come sit and watch TV with us, They say and motioned me to go sit in the living room, with a big 12inch Flat Screen TV.

"Your life changes now Cassidy" Harry says.

I smile.

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