Hiding From You...

I hide from You because, I'm afraid of falling in Love with you...Even though
I Love You...


1. Cause Of My Pain

-10 Years Ago-

It was a winter night...(Classic right? Lol) I heard a glass break, then footsteps come up the stairs...I became scared and terrified of the noise...Was there an intruder? The noises went away and i thought it was just my imagination and went back to bed. Then i heard a scream. Coming from my mum! "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" She yelled. Then Her scream stopped. It became silent. I became anxious and hid under my bed, From under my door i saw a man's feet. Just Then the door opened slowly and revealed a Man coming in looking around my room. I felt like panicking. What happened to my Mum?!?! Is all i could think about. Then he slowly ducked down and saw me and snickered. I screamed and rolled over opened my window and fell into the tree.

"GET BACK HERE YOU!" The Man yelled. He kept shooting and missing then he grabbed a knife from his pocket and it just hit me, leaving a scar. I whimpered in pain

"Ahh!" I yelled in agony. I fell of the tree but kept crawling away from the man but i stopped. He came over me and held the knife above me But then he was shot by someone i couldn't see his face. I the Man collapsed and i moved away from the body in shock... I ran away. 

-Present Day-

I woke Up Cause of my dream. I sighed in relief. That was horrible. I hated that day..That memory....


Hi Guys sorry the chapter's short but i hope you like this knew story tell me what you think! :D 



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