forbidden love

zayn little sister isabella fells in love with one of the lads as well as her best friend gabriella the 2 try every thing for the lads to notice them what the girls dont know is that 3 of the lads like them they just cant do nothing becuase zayn doesnt allow it find out what these 5 do to make they forbidden love possible


3. party plz zayn

isa  p.o.v

boo u want me to love u i said to zayn wat u want isabella he said can u plz come to matt's party plz zayn plz i begged no i cant he said zayn plz for me said gaby no said zayn omg plz we are begging u i said wat is wrong girls said harry we want to go to a party and mom said we only allowed if zayn comes with us i said where is this party said lui a boy from school said gaby cool why dont u want to go zayn said niall cuz he a  stupid asshole i said now im not going for real said zayn noooo im sorry i said is to late now said harry what i thought u was on our side said gaby nope bro power said lui wat ever u have me girls said niall and me said liam plz zayn come  on if u go i will not come in to ur room with out asking or knocking i said fine said zayn yeyyeye said gaby awesome so thats means we get to go to said harry no u was on his side said gaby idc i'm still going said harry and punched me playfully and i giggle noo we not having this said zayn pulling me away from harry 


zayn p.o.v

stupid harry he knows that i hate it when he flirts with my little sister like no the lads no the going out with my sis and her bff is a big taboo other words a big noonoo i dont want them going out with gaby cuz i like her but i know is wrong cuz she is my sister bff and she is only 14 and im wayy older 

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