forbidden love

zayn little sister isabella fells in love with one of the lads as well as her best friend gabriella the 2 try every thing for the lads to notice them what the girls dont know is that 3 of the lads like them they just cant do nothing becuase zayn doesnt allow it find out what these 5 do to make they forbidden love possible


1. my annoying sister

zayn p.o.v

isabella janie  malik   how many times have i told u not to come in my room without knocking and if the lads are here to never come in i said as my sister sat in the bed a millon times she said ok then listen and get out i said madly she is annoying god come on big bro can i plz stay here plz she said with puppy eyes aww zayn look at her she is sooo cute how can u say no said lui hey im 17 im not cute im awesome said isa (short for isabella)   like this NO i said and pointed to the door ugh u are such a meanie she yelled and left look lads i dont want any one of yall dateing my sis i love her and f u hurt her i will kill u and it will mess up our friendship so my sis is off limits understood i said i seen the way they loook at her understood they said but lets be real ur sister is sexy said harry watch curls i said im done im done said harry and we got back to particing our song for the x factor 

Isabella p.o.v

omfg its hot today i went to take a bath i was in my PJ so i went to the bathroom and took a shower afterwards i put on some short shorts and a tank top (blue) and some toms it was 99* outside noo i left my phone in zayn room i went to get it i walk in the room the frist thing i see is harry and liam without no shirt shit zayn going to kill me u agian and surprise surprise u didnt knock zayn said i want my phone and ill leave i said walking towards the computer hey  cupcake can u tell Tricia to bring us some water said harry sure i said and took my phone and left downstairs  mom harry said if u canplz bring him water i yelled honey im busy u do it she said she was trying to kill me if i saw him agian with out no shirt or liam i may just die i had always had a cursh on liam and lui but i think harry sexy the same for my bestie she has a cursh on niall and zayn but she thinks harry sexy lol niall is one of my boy besties i would never date him beacuse i  see him as a broi went to give them the water now lui had not shirt on for real omfg isa can u plz record this u have to stay said zayn what real now im about to have a haert attck sure i said so whats up with gabriella said niall oh she coming over later i said hey isa dont take this the wrong way but u look smoking said lui and im dead ahh thanks i said with a smile zayn just looked at him 

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