forbidden love

zayn little sister isabella fells in love with one of the lads as well as her best friend gabriella the 2 try every thing for the lads to notice them what the girls dont know is that 3 of the lads like them they just cant do nothing becuase zayn doesnt allow it find out what these 5 do to make they forbidden love possible


2. i brought sexy back

lui p.o.v

i think isabella is cute but zayn said that he didnt want us with his sister so got to watch it we were in zayn room and she was trying to kill me for gods sik he has on short short u got a name for ur band guys she asked yea one direction said harry nice she said i know said zayn u should have nicknames she said u do that said liam ok ur nickname is daddy direction cuz u are not so childish she said evry one laughed zayn is dj malik niall is nialler harry is hazza and lui boobear she said oooo i like that i said good she said ummm isa go to ur room or go to gaby house said zayn yea i was leaving any ways dj malik she said when she left zayn started to yell at me como on bro im just playing chill stop tripping i said no i told u to back off my sister and u are flirtin  with her` 

isabella p.o.v

mom can i plz go plz i begged honey u know my rules if i dont know the boy the answer is no she said mom but its the best party ever every who is somebody is going plz i begged honey no but if zayn goes maybe u can she said ugh mom i said and left upstairs and went to my room and called gaby 

I: gaby she said no

G:what why she is mean

I: i know the rule if she dont know the boy i cant go 

G: omg my mom said if zayn goi could go

I:that what mom said 

G: open ur front door 

hey hey hey i said when i open the door hey gurl hey said gaby so we need a plan so zayn goes to this party so we can go said gaby u know who is going to be there austin mahone i said what omg now we need to go for real before i die she said jajajja lets go to zayn room i said and we went upstairs

gabriell p.o.v

omg u just dont understand the word knock do u said zayn nope said isabella hey bunny said zayn omg he still calles me that omg omg hey zayn i said 'then liam niall harry lui with out no shirt gos just kill me now jjajaj

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