Our secret park

Lexi was best friends with Niall horan, yes the Niall horan from one direction. They when they were young, they found this park and call it our secret park.....


5. Niall!?!?!?!?!

NIALLS P.O.V I was sitting under the tree then someone stood in front of me. I tilted my head up and saw Lexi. "Lexi!!!! What are you doing here!!!! Is been so long!!" I said as I hugged her. She didn't really change at all. She still looked amazing as ever. And beautiful..... LEXIS P.O.V Niall was sitting under the tree!!! AHH! Is been so long!! "Lexi!!!! What are you doing here!!!! It's been so long!!" He said. Then he hugged me. "I came here for memories.. I can't believe your here though!! It's been so long!!" I said to him. I had a crush on Niall. And I always had. When he went on XFactor, I never got to see him ever! He's just so handsome. So sexy! I wish he was mine and only mine! But all the directioners will hate me if I date Niall. But I don't care! As long as I had my NiallBear (what I called him. He called me LexiBear) I would be forever happy with just him! NIALLS P.O.V Lexi was always so beautiful.. I might of had a crush on her...... When I left for XFactor, I never got to see her again, and that made me sad. I wish I had my LexiBear to myself.... "Hey Lexi, wanna go on tour with me and the boys? You know, to catch up?" I said. "Yes yes yes! I would love to Niall!" Se replied as she hugged me tight. -------------------------------•-----------------------------•-----------------------------•--------------------------•------------------ Hey guys! I decided to keep writing, but no one comments telling me if its good or not. Anyway, I need girlfriends!! Harry's girlfriend=AVAILABLE Zayn's girlfriend=AVAILABLE Liam's girlfriend=AVAILABLE Louis girlfriend= TAKEN (soz!) So in the comments say what boy you would like to date AND tell me your name, hair color, hair length, eye color and what you like! Hope u all like the story!!! -Brianna (Tomlinsongirl)
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