Our secret park

Lexi was best friends with Niall horan, yes the Niall horan from one direction. They when they were young, they found this park and call it our secret park.....


2. I remember...

A/N  Ok since no one commented, I made up names!! Enjoy!!


I remember when I was young, and me and Niall Horan were friends, yes, Niall Horan from one direction! I still remember the little secret park me and Niall always hanged out at. It was the best!! I wonder if it is still alive today???Mabye I will go ther tomorrow!



It was a long day today, we had a gig and a meet and greet. All the fans were crazy!!! They went wild!!! I was about to go asleep when I remembered what my life was like when I was young. Ah the young days. So peaceful, nothing to worry about... Wait, Lexi Redd!!! She was my best friend in when I was young and we had this secret park that we found! Wait... I might go see it tomorrow, ya know, to bring back memories.



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