Our secret park

Lexi was best friends with Niall horan, yes the Niall horan from one direction. They when they were young, they found this park and call it our secret park.....


3. Going to the park..




Today was the day I was going to see if the park is still alive and well. It's been about 10 years since I last saw that place. I hope it's doing good! I was going to Finish brunch, the go to the park about 12:00. I was really excited to see the park again!!! When I was young, me and Niall always went there to tell secrets, and just hangout and talk mostly. I had so much fun. But I wish I could see him again and to be with him, just me and him in the park, sitting under the tree laughing, talking, it was just so peaceful.



I was seeing the park today. I was so excited. I wonder how Lexi is doing? With life, her family and everything! We came to the park everyday just to hangout. It was the best and I wish I could do it again.... But like that will happen. There would be no way I would be able to find her. But I should be going to the park now.


It was 12:00 when I got there, and the park was absolutely beautiful!!! So many flowers and pretty things. I can just imagine being here with Lexi, sitting under the tree.



I left my house about 10 mins ago to get to the park, and when I saw it, my jaw dropped!! It was stunning!!! Absolutely increadable!! If only Niall was here.... I was walking around, then I saw a figure sitting under the tree me and Niall always sat at... How do they find this place!! I thought me and Niall only new! I ran up to the tree, then, I saw who it was....... It was Niall.

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