The New Guy

I did not write this story. Its off of well its a narry fanfic. There is boy on boy actions in this. But I really liked this story so yea . This is the authors info:It all started with a "H-hi I'm Niall Horan" to make Harry Styles go weak in the knees. (NOT FAMOUS)


1. Chapter One

"HARREH!!" shouted one of my best friends, Louis, over the busy hallway.

I couldn't help but chuckle. It's no surprise for Louis to be happy this early. I waited for Louis to run to me and smiled "Hey Lou"

Louis grinned "have you heard?" I looked at him in confusion "heard what?" Louis grinned "we're going to have a new student! And he's Irish! Ohmygod Haz can you believe it?"

I chuckled again. I know Louis has a girlfriend and all but sometimes I question his sexuality. Plus I don't see what so special about being Irish but I do wonder what this new guy will look like.

Louis grinned at me "he might be the one you know" I rolled my eyes and blushed. Louis and my two friends and their girlfriends are the only people who know I'm gay.

It's been awkward actually. Knowing that all three of them have girlfriends and here I am, wanting a boyfriend.

My thoughts were interrupted by Liam, his girlfriend Danielle and Zayn with his girlfriend, Perrie. Liam said "Harry are you okay?"

I looked at them in surprise "when did you guys get here?" they all chuckled and Louis said "when you were staring into complete space"

The bell rang. Liam looked at Danielle "see you baby" and they kissed. Zayn and Perrie did the same thing. I rolled my eyes and pretended I was disgusted. Louis chuckled and took out his phone.

He quickly texted something, to Eleanor probably. She was currently modeling so she's been gone from school for 2 days already.

The 4 of us all went to class where almost everybody was talking about the new guy.

I sat on my usual chair at the back. There was a new chair beside me. Most probably for the new guy.

Just my luck, Caroline, one of my ex-girlfriends before I was gay walked in. She looked at me and smiled and I awkwardly smile back. Caroline probably hates me. I never really told her the reason why I broke up with her.

She sat in front of me and turned around "Hi Harry and Harry's friends" they rolled their eyes. She smiled "I hope this new guy is cute. But I doubt anyone will be cuter than you Harry"

Zayn muttered something like "quit flirting" but Caroline didn't hear him.

Soon enough, the teacher came and coughed "Class. I want you to meet our new student from Ireland. Niall, come in"

Suddenly, a small blonde and pale kid walked in. He was looking at his feet. The teacher said "Niall. Why don't you introduce yourself? He nodded and stuttered "H-Hi I'm Niall Horan"

He finally looked up. His eyes were a beautiful shade of blue and they landed on me and I suddenly felt myself blush. Everything suddenly felt weird.

The teacher said "You can sit beside Harry over there" he pointed to the seat beside me and Niall nodded.

He quickly went to his seat and put his bag down.

Louis, Liam and Zayn were looking and winking at me. I rolled my eyes. Niall was getting a bunch of notebooks and pens from his bag and one black pen fell from his table and went beside my foot.

I instinctively bend down to get it and at the same time he did too.

As we grabbed his pen our hands touched and a surge of electricity went through my body. I suddenly turned incredibly red and at the same time I could see that he did too. Did he feel the electricity too?

It took me about 20 seconds to realize that our hands were still touching. Niall coughed and said "t-thanks" I coughed too and smiled "sure"

I let go of his hand and sat back up.

I couldn't help but occasionally look at him at the corner of my eye and occasionally ignore stares from the rest of the boys.

I love how he ruffles his hair every single time. And how he yawns and....WHAT?

I don't really even know this guy....yet.

The bell rang. A lot of people murmured in excitement. A few girls started talking to Niall and I instantly felt jealous.

Liam smiled "let's get to the cafeteria lads" Louis said "you guys go on. I just need to talk to somebody"

We all looked at each other and Zayn shrugged "alright"

We went to the Cafeteria. After 5 minutes, Louis comes in...With Niall. He winks at me and looks at Niall who was holding his bag like some little kid.

I couldn't help but smile.

Louis Tomlinson, what did you do?

~Chapter Two~
"I asked him to eat with us. Is it alright?" Louis beamed and winked at me.

Liam and Zayn smiled. Liam said "Of course it is! Sit across Harry Niall" Niall gave a small smile and nodded. He placed his bag down and sat across me.

Louis said "I'll just get us some food alright?" we all nodded.

When Louis left, everything was a bit silent.

Liam said "Well I'm, Liam Payne, this is Zayn and this is Harry" Niall nodded.

Zayn coughed and said "what brings you here Niall?" Niall said "M-my mom got a new job here so we moved along with my dad and brother"

Liam said "do you like it here so far?" Niall smiled and nodded.

I thought of an idea "Do you like a girl here already Niall?" Niall looked at me in surprised and blushed and shook his head.

It's really cute how his pale face turns all reddish.

Louis came back later, holding a tray full of food along with Danielle and Perrie. Louis said "got us some food and your girlfriends"

Danielle sat beside Liam and Perrie sat beside Zayn.

Danielle smiled "Hello. You're Niall Horan right?" Niall smiled and nodded. Perrie smiled "I'm Perrie. This is Danielle." Danielle gave a small wave and wrapped her fingers around Liam.

Niall said "You guys are s-so cute"

They just smiled and I couldn't help but smile either. Niall looked at Louis "d-do you have a girlfriend" Louis nodded and sighed" but she's currently busy with work so she's not here right now"

Niall said "O-oh I'm sorry" he looked at me "H-how about you?"

I laughed and shook my head "No" and suddenly, for a while, I thought his face lit up. Maybe I was just seeing things.

Louis put his head on his hands in a girly fashion. Louis said "do you have a girlfriend back in home Niall?" Niall blushed and shook his head.

I would have sighed in relief. We started eating and laughing. For a little man, Niall doesn't eat so little.

Suddenly, Carline walks up to us. "Hi Harry. How's it going" I almost groaned "Hi Caroline. I'm alright"

She looks at me then Niall then scrunches up her face in disgust.

She said "I expected someone better looking" Niall suddenly whimpered and ran outside the Cafeteria. I looked at Caroline "what was that for?"

Caroline looked at me and shrugged "I was just being honest okay?" I rolled my eyes and ran after Niall.

As I reached outside the Cafeteria, he was nowhere to be seen. He's just new right? Where could he be?

I walked around the school some more and heard someone crying in the garden. I ran outside and sure enough, Niall was curled up crying.

I said "Niall!" He looked at me and said "w-what?" I went closer to him and said "don't listen to what she says okay?"

Niall shook his head "N-no she's right" I shook my head "She's not! I think you're amazing!" Niall buried his face in his head "Y-you don't even know me" I sat beside him and sighed "don't let her get to you"

"W-what is she to you?" I sighed "she was my ex-girlfriend but I feel absolutely nothing for her anymore" He looked at me "W-why?" I sighed "I don't know"

Niall nodded and sniffed "Okay." The bell rang and Niall said "I think we better get to class" I smiled "of course" We both stood up and walked to our classroom in silence with my hand on his shoulder.

As we entered the classroom. A worried looking Liam, Louis and Zayn ran over to us.

Louis hugged Niall "are you alright Niall?" Niall nodded and sniffed again. He looks so cute when he does that.

Liam slowly rubbed Niall's back "don't worry. She won't bother you again. We won't let her" Zayn said "I'll beat anyone up who'll bother you"

Niall finally smiled "thank you so much g-guys. Why are you s-so nice to me?" Liam smiled "We like you Niall. You're like a brother to us now"

Niall smiled even brighter "thanks guys. And thank you Harry" he suddenly hugged me. Great. There's that electricity again. I tried to blush but I failed and hugged him back "of course Niall"

Louis and the others winked again.

We went over to our seats. I was actually glad that Caroline wasn't there yet. Liam coughed and said "Oh erm, Danielle, Perrie and Caroline had a small fight"

I looked at him "they what?" Zayn winked "Don't worry. My girl knows how to fight"

Soon enough, Caroline enters the classroom looking pissed. Her hair was a mess and her mascara was all over her face.

She shot all of a glare while the other students were laughing at her. Suddenly, I heard a magical sound. It was a laugh. Niall's laugh.

I couldn't help but look at him laughing. And my heart started to flutter. The other boys were surprised too and started laughing.

We sat on our seats. Niall kept smiling and talking to Louis. And occasionally he would smile at me.

Okay. This is crazy.

I'm in love with the new guy.

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