The New Guy

I did not write this story. Its off of well its a narry fanfic. There is boy on boy actions in this. But I really liked this story so yea . This is the authors info:It all started with a "H-hi I'm Niall Horan" to make Harry Styles go weak in the knees. (NOT FAMOUS)


8. Chapter 8

Niall's POV

I was too busy thinking of what Harry said that I didn't hear him calling my name "Niall! Niall!"

I looked at him "Oh s-sorry. What is it?" He smiled "will you accompany me to the bathroom?" the bathroom? So much memories. No. I said "U-uhm why?" He pouted then giggled "please Niall?"

I sighed. I could just stay outside and he can do what he has to inside "f-fine"

He already knew which way to go. This is probably not his first time in Caroline's house.

He tried pulling me inside the bathroom but I wouldn't budge. He was younger (Louis told me) but he was much bigger and stronger.

As he got me in he pushed against the wall "I really like you Niall" I blushed "I-I like you t-too Harry b-but--" Harry said "No!! You don't understand! You're driving me crazy!!"

I felt teary "s-sorry" Harry's eyes soften then he kissed me. This was more than just fireworks. A whole bomb just exploded right inside me.

I kissed him back, warpping my arms around his neck. He moved closer to me, his hands in my hair.

Someone knocked on the door "is anyone in here?" Harry pulled away, still drunk and said "wanna bring this home?"

This isn't right but I nodded my head.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the bathroom, surprising a boy who was waiting by a door.

As we passed by Louis I waved my hand goodbye, hoping that he'll know that we were leaving. Thanfully he got it and smiled and waved back.

We finally got out of Caroline's house. I didn't notice it was already dark.

Since Harry couldn't drive, we just waited for a cab.

As we finally reached the house, no one was home. He said "let's go to my bedroom" I nodded. Pretty nervous.

I had to help Harry climb up the stairs, he was too drunk to do it himself.

As we reached his room, he lied down on his bed. I just stood there watching him.

After a while, he patted the space beside him, signaling that he wants me to lie down beside him. I sighed and lied down with him.

We were just staring at the ceiling. My heart was beating loudly. The boy I like was right next to me.

I said "H-Harry?" he looked at me "yes Niall?" "W-were you serious about liking me?" "Of course I am" I sighed. Yeah right. He's just drunk.

We stared at the ceiling some more when I felt him move closer. His lips closer to mine.

We kissed again. He moved his body closer. I doubt there's any space between us now. He was grinding his crotch on mine making me moan and making him the dominant one in our kiss.

I tried saying between kisses "H-harry" but he would just put his sift tongue in my mouth. Soon enough, I gave up and grabbed his bum and gave it a squeeze, making him moan.

I could already feel both of us getting hard.

Harry pulled away to take off his shirt then mine. He started biting my neck, giving me all sorts of love bites.

He found my sweet spot and bit it. I moaned so loud, the whole world probably heard me.

Harry's POV

I'm dreaming ain't I?

But why does my dream involve me and Niall shirtless? Niall moaned as I bit his sweet spot. Oh that moan. That's probably the sexiest moan I have ever heard.

I started kissing his chest while he started removing my pants. After he removed mine, he removed his.

We were both just in our boxers now. I lied down on his chest for a while, hearing his heart beat.

After a while I said "can I go in you?" Niall hesitated at first but then nodded. I turned him around so his bum was facing me. I pulled down his boxers and put my finger in his hole. He moaned again.

I couldn't wait anymore. I pulled down my own boxers and put my length in. I put it in slowly and Niall started screaming in pain but after a while, as I moved even deeper he started moaning.

I thrusted slowly and when Niall told me to go faster I did. I can finally feel Niall. I'm starting to doubt that this is a dream.

I thrusted even harder. Niall screamed "Harry! I'm com-- AHHH" he came to my bed and after a few minutes, I came in his sweet hole.

We both fell down on the bed, exhausted. Niall's eyes started closing and after a while, he was snoring like a little angel.

I stared at him longer, hoping that this dream would last.

I started falling asleep. If it was even possible to fall asleep in your sleep. I kissed Niall's forehead for the last time and let exhaustion take over me.

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