The New Guy

I did not write this story. Its off of well its a narry fanfic. There is boy on boy actions in this. But I really liked this story so yea . This is the authors info:It all started with a "H-hi I'm Niall Horan" to make Harry Styles go weak in the knees. (NOT FAMOUS)


4. Chapter 4

When I got to school, the first thing I looked for was an irish boy with blond hair.

I ran out of the car quickly. I couldn't wait to see that perfect face.

Louis ran after me "Harry! Wait up! Gosh! Don't I remember you saying last night that you just met the guy? And now you're getting me exhausted!"

I looked back "Sorry Lou. Hope you understand!" I bumped into someone and we both fell to the floor. The person's things flying around.

I looked at all the scattered paper. "Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry, I didn't mean--" "It's a-alright Harry" Wait. That voice.

I looked up to see the boy I've been looking for. I looked around once more to check if I was dreaming. Nope I'm not.

I apologized again "I'm so sorry Niall" Niall chuckled "It's fine, I t-told you" he started picking up his books and papers and I helped him.

My eyes landed on his History book near the locker. As I was about to reach for it, he did to. And our hands touched once more, like when we both reached for his pen.

I feel the electricity again and blushed. Niall blushed too. His hand was still on top of mine. Everything was alright. I could have stayed in that moment forever until I heard someone cough and noticed that all my boys and their girls were standing all around us.

Liam said "in case you guys didn't hear, the bell rang and we gotta go to class soon." Niall said "r-right. S-sorry" his hand left mine and it felt empty.

I tried to stop myself from sighing and picked up his book and handed it to him.

I looked at the others and saw them looking at me with smug looks. I rolled my eyes. I looked at Perrie and Danielle "nice work on Caroline you guys"

Perrie shrugged "she needed a makeover" and we all laughed. If Zayn was the "bad boy" Perrie is certainly the one for him.

We said goodbye to the girls and walked to class.

To my worst luck, Caroline ran over to me and said "Harry!! I miss you so so so much. I'm sorry about teasing your, um, little friend over here" I sighed "Whatever Caroline. Just leave us alone. Leave him alone"

Caroline looked at Niall, who in return, looked disgusted "I'm so sorry Neil!" Louis said "It's Niall you ...whatever?"

Zayn grabbed Niall and dragged him to our seats, I was about to follow him when Caroline grabbed my arm "Wait, Harry, I'm having a party this Friday. Wanna come over?"

The last thing I wanna do is do anything with Caroline, so I shook my head and said "I have some family thing going on this Friday. Sorry Caroline"

Caroline tried pouting and I suddenly thought of what Niall will look like if he pouts. I couldn't help but smile. Caroline said "I'm taking that as a yes?" I looked at her "huh?"

She giggled like an annoying girl "Yay! See you at Friday Harry. You can bring some of your....friends if you want!" I sighed "whatever" I am totally bringing Perrie and Danielle.

I walked over to where the lads were sitting. Louis said "are you mad!?" I shrugged "I didn't what happened okay?" Liam sighed "we'll be coming along. She might force you to make out with her or something"

Zayn nodded and looked at Niall "you coming?" "S-she might kill me or something" I said "Don't worry. I'll protect you" Niall hesitated then slowly nodded. I smiled.

The day went on pretty smoothly, Caroline didn't bother us anymore. I think she was pretty scared of Danielle and Perrie.

It was lunch time and the only people in the Cafeteria were me and Niall. Well, we're not really the only people but Louis, Liam, Zayn, Perrie and Danielle aren't here so it just leaves the two of us.

It was pretty silent since Niall was concentrating on his food. I coughed "So Niall, how did it feel like moving here"

Niall looked at me then shrugged "I-it's alright I guess. I-I didn't really have a lot of friends or good memories in Ireland. I mean, I used to, but I d-don't remember them anymore"

I looked at him "how come?" and suddenly, his lip started quivering and he looked like he was about to cry. I went beside him and put my arms around him.

The electricity is back again "Shh it's okay. Don't cry. You don't have to tell me." I wrapped my arms around him a little bit more tighter.

His face was on my chest and even though I'm wearing clothes, I could feel his breathing.

He said "T-thank you" I smiled and stroked his hair.

I didn't care that people started looking at us. All I cared about was that Niall is in my arms and whatever caused him this much pain, I hope he forgets about it.

Niall sniffed for the last time and looked up. His blue eyes shining "t-thank you so much H-Harry" I patted his head "it's fine"

He stood up and dumped his leftovers in the trashcan. My arms felt empty again. Oh how I long for his touch. And I don't mean it the sexual way. I just wanna cuddle with him and kiss him when he's sad.

I want to call him my Niall and hold his hand in public.

I want to say "I love you" every minute of the day to him.

Wait...."I love you"?


Am I in love with Niall?

I saw him walk back to me, smiling. Oh that smile.

Am I in love with the new guy?

Yes. Yes I am.

And it's only the second day.

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