The New Guy

I did not write this story. Its off of well its a narry fanfic. There is boy on boy actions in this. But I really liked this story so yea . This is the authors info:It all started with a "H-hi I'm Niall Horan" to make Harry Styles go weak in the knees. (NOT FAMOUS)


18. chapter 18

Harry's POV

I needed help with the planning. I called up Louis but he was having a date with Eleanor, I called up Liam, who was too busy watching Danielle rehearse for some dance competition, I called Zayn who was making love songs with Perrie.

So I called the last person I thought I'd ever call. Josh.

He didn't seem too bothered to shop with me.

As soon as we met up I said "Thanks for coming" he shrugged "I had nothing else to do anyway. So what's your plan?"

I smiled "I'm gonna make a small date on the rooftop in school, since no one goes there anyway. Parks are romantic and all but I want to be more romantic in school this time"

Josh simply nodded.

We started off with the food, Josh and I had a quick laugh when we both agreed that if we wanted to buy all of Niall's favorite food we had to buy the whole store.

Josh said "But really, Niall will eat anything, but he thinks desserts are the most romantic kind of food. So maybe you should bake a cake or buy a couple of chocolates" I nodded. Ashamed that I didn't know this fact.

I was even more ashamed as Josh told me a lot of facts about Niall that I have no absolute idea about "Maybe even play some music. Ed Sheeran would work perfectly" but I was grateful to Josh for these facts.

3 shopping bags later I said goodbye to Josh "Thanks again. I'm sorry if I was such a jerk to you" Josh scartched the back of his head "same goes with you. I really intended on making Niall fall in love with me again, but he only has eyes for you" I gave him a small smile.

We walked off in different directions.

As I reached home, I have 2 missed calls from Louis, 1 from Liam another 1 from Zayn and 3 from Niall.

I started off with Louis':

"Hey Haz. Sorry couldn't come. How were ya?" "Hey Haz, forgot to ask. What is your plan?"


"I'm sorry Harry. I really am. I just wanted to watch Dani. I'm so sorry. How can I make it up to you? Sorry!"

I couldn't help but chuckle. Ahh. Good guy Liam. Next was Zayn's:

"Hey bro, sorry I couldn't come. Hope you were fine"

And lastly were Niall's:

"Hey babe. How are ya? Where are ya? Call me when you get home. I love you" "Hey babe. I just...miss you" "Hi Haz. I'm sorry. I love and miss you so much"

I smiled at Niall's call. He called me 3 times in 2 hours? Too cute.

I called Niall:

"Hey babe"

"Oh haz. Where were you?"

"Was just doing some shopping. I happen to have just heard you messages. Do you love me the much?" I joked but his answer was dead serious.

"I do. Very much"

I smiled "Well then I love you too. See you tomorrow love"

I could somehow feel him smile at the other end "Bye"

I hanged up, called Louis and told him my plan.

The next day at school, Josh was extremely nice to me. Encouraging me and all. Telling me that Niall would love it. I found it weird but comforting at the same time. Plus Niall seems happy that we were getting along.

10 minutes before our break, I told Niall "I'll go on first babe. Go to the rooftop in 10 minutes okay?" Niall looked confused "why?"

I pecked him on the cheek without anyone noticing "you'll know why"

I ran as fast as I can to the rooftop holding the things i need.

I quickly lay down the picnic blanket. Spread out all the food, I even bought some Nando's just in case.

I heard the door creak open and it was Niall. He said "Harry? Ohmygod"

I smiled shhepishly "Hey babe. Just thought we should have a date in school. Even though no one can really see us. I couldn't stand not talking to you to make it look like you and Josh are inlove"

Niall ran towards and hugged me "this is wonderful Harry. Really wonderful"

I smiled and kissed him, a slow loving kiss. Just then, the door opened and Caroline came out with Josh and took a picture of us.

I pulled away from Niall "what are the two of you doing here?" Caroline crossed her arms "so it's true then. You are gay." I blushed "NO"

Caroline said "THEN WHY WERE KISSING HIM!?" I said the first thing that came in my mind "He forced me into it"

Niall looked at me with a surprised face and tears started to form in his eyes. He ran away as fast as he can. I said "wait N-Niall!" but it was too late.

I looked at Caroline "what are you doing here anyway?" Caroline smiled "Josh told me you would be here."

I looked at Josh and he looked down at the floor. I shouted "You bastard! How could you!? I thought you wanted Niall to be happy!" Josh shouted back at me "I did. You think he's happy with all this 'secret relationship' stuff? You made him wait too long!

He was right. I did. I looked at all the food I prepared. All wasted. Thanks to me.

Josh muttured "Niall's better off with me" I looked at him and said "No.You're wrong."

I ran back inside pushing Caroline aside. I lost Niall. I can't believe it.

Niall's short POV

I know I should have been more patient. But everything just snapped. Harry doesn't want me.

I kept running until I bumped into Liam, Louis and Zayn.

Liam said "Niall! What's wrong?" I sniffed "Harry doesn't want me.

Louis shook his head in disappointed face and Zayn balled his hand into a fist. Liam hugged me and said "Its okay niall, its okay."

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