The New Guy

I did not write this story. Its off of well its a narry fanfic. There is boy on boy actions in this. But I really liked this story so yea . This is the authors info:It all started with a "H-hi I'm Niall Horan" to make Harry Styles go weak in the knees. (NOT FAMOUS)


13. Chapter 13

Harry's POV

Seeing Niall hurt made me cry. I knew he was fragile, but I only knew the reason now.

Whatever. Whoever that Josh guy is, I am not allowing him to hurt Niall ever again.

It was a big surprise when Liam let us skip class to eat. After Niall ate almost everything in the Cafeteria, he was laughing and smiling.

Until, that is, something happened.

And that something is Caroline and Josh.

The bell rang, meaning that it's lunch time. Caroline entered the cafeteria and sat right next to Niall. I felt jealous, no not because of Niall. Because of Caroline.

Perrie started glaring at her but she just ignored her.

She started touching his leg "You free later? Maybe you'd like to go over to my house again" Niall turned pale and shook his head. Danielle said "leave him alone!"

Caroline ignored Dani and moved closer to him "you sure?" Niall nodded and stuttered "Y-Yes. please leave" Caroline moved even closer.

I couldn't take it anymore I shouted "HE'S NOT INTERESTED CAROLINE!"

Caroline pretended to look innocent "why not?" I said "BECAUSE HE'S...." I couldn't continue what I was gonna say. I can't tell people he's my boyfriend.

Niall sighed and said "Because I have a boyfriend Caroline, yes I'm gay" A lot of people who started surrounding us gasped.

Caroline was the most surprised "Who?" Niall looked at me. He can't tell them. Not yet. I don't know if they'll be able to accept me.

Someone said from the crowd "Me" Josh stepped in the middle. A lot of people gasped and started murmuring. Niall looked shocked and scared and ran away.

I ran after him and I heard Josh run after the both of us.

Josh must be really fit because he caught up with me and grabbed my arm. I tried to get away but he dragged me near the empty lockers.

I hissed "are you gonna rape me too?" Josh smirked and said "believe it or not curly, I'm not interested in you even one bit."

I rolled my eyes "Neither I am, what do you want?" he crossed his arms "From what I have observed today, you and Niall are together right?"

I slowly nodded and he continued with words that made me really guilty "...but you don't want to admit it right?" I nodded even more slowly.

Josh smirked again "I have a plan" I glared at him and said "No way. You're gonna hurt my Nialler" he raised his eyebrows and said "So what do you prefer? Choice A? which is hurt Niall by not admitting you're his boyfriend and let someone else steal him from you. Choice B? Tell the whole world and get hated or Choice C, listen to my plan."

I sighed and said "What's your plan?" Josh said "Since Niall admitted that he's gay, we don't want anyone calling him a liar right?" I nodded, dreading where this was going "So I propose we pretend that I'm his boyfriend. Don't worry, only here in school. You can shag him whenever and wherever after class"

I shouted "NO WAY!" Josh shouted back "ARE YOU THAT SELFISH?" and it hit me. I am being selfish.

I though for a while then sighed "fine. Whatever. JUST DON'T HURT HIM OKAY? OR I WILL BEAT YOU UP. Let, talk to Niall" Josh nodded, looking smug.

We found Niall in the library. He smiled when he saw me and almost screamed when he saw Josh. He was about to run away when I ran towards him and hugged him "It's okay. We had"

Niall looked aat me then Josh, who, in return smirked.

I breathed in deeply "You'll wait for me to be ready to tell the world right?" Niall nodded, I continued "we...have to pretend Josh is your boyfriend."

Niall shouted "WHAT?" causing a glare and a "sshhhh" from the librarian. I hugged Niall again "Just for now. Until I'm ready. Only at school okay?"

Niall started crying "I thought you weren't gonna leave me" I said 'I'm not baby. We just...need to save ourselves for a while." Niall sniffed a couple more times and looked at Josh.

He looked at me again and said "are you sure he's not gonna hurt me?" I nodded. Niall sighed and said "alright"

Josh just kept smirking like some ass and patted me at the back and whispered "Tell me when you're ready okay? Maybe when the time comes, Niall's in love with me again"

He grabbed Niall's hand and dragged him outside the library. I really do feel guilty, scared and jealous at the same time.

What if Niall falls in love with Josh agin? That's impossible right? I mean, he was pretty traumatized. But what if Josh changed and Niall does fall again? What if he'll be the one who catches him?

I shook my head. I just have to pray to God that he saves me and Niall's relationship even though I think he's against it.

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