The New Guy

I did not write this story. Its off of well its a narry fanfic. There is boy on boy actions in this. But I really liked this story so yea . This is the authors info:It all started with a "H-hi I'm Niall Horan" to make Harry Styles go weak in the knees. (NOT FAMOUS)


12. Chapter 12

Niall's POV

The moment he stepped in, my head started to feel dizzy and I wanted to puke.

Why was Josh Devine here!? I stood up quickly and said "I feel sick. I gotta go to the comfort room." the teacher nodded and I quickly walked towards the door.

Unfortunately, I have to pass by Josh and when I did, he whispered "Stopped stuttering I see?" I opened the door as quick as possible.

As soon as I left the room, I ran to the bathroom and started puking and crying.

Just when I thought everything was back to normal, he came here. Why? And when he said that I stopped stuttering, it just brought back more memories.

I started crying as soon as Josh slapped my face really hard. Josh grabbed me by the sides and pushed me against the wall "Why are you crying?"

I didn't know what happened. A spark of courage suddenly lit up inside of me. I shouted "because it hurts okay! Because I'm tired! I'm tired of you always treating me this way--" I wasn't able to continue what I was going to say because Josh hit me really hard on the cheek.

He put his mouth near my ear and said "Never ever talk back to me again okay?" I started crying again and nodded "o-okay"

After that, he lead me his room and did the things he always did to me. Every time I wouldn't stutter, he would...rape me.

More memories came. Usually the ones when he was hurting me.

I heard the bathroom door open, and when I looked, it was Harry. I looked at him and turned away. He said "You've been here for 2 hours already. What's wrong babe?"

I ran to his arms and cried even harder "H-Harry. Don't leave me with him. Please"

Harry stroked my back and cupped my face "I'll always be here with you baby" I sniffed and he kissed me on the lips.

His kisses are so full of love and care.

As we got out of the bathroom, Louis, the other boys and the girls were waiting for us. They all ran towards me and started hugging me but Harry never let go of my hand even once.

Liam said "Are you okay Niall? Who is he anyway?" I sniffed and said "I'll tell you guys...but can we go somewhere private?"

They all nodded and we went to the rooftop.

Thank god no one was there, we sat in a circle with me leaning on a wall. I breathed in deeply and grabbed Harry's hand "Josh...Josh was my ex-boyfriend"

I gulped and said "we dated for 2 years. The first year of being together was absolute paradise but when he got drunk and we kinda did something together, that's when he started being horrible."

"He stopped telling me he loved me and hurt and abused me a lot of times. For the first 6 months I didn't want to break up with him because I loved him. But when the 7th month came. I couldn't stand it anymore. I tried telling him to leave me alone but he wouldn't."

"When my mom and brother found out, they wanted to move out of Ireland immediately so they did all the papers and stuff. A week before the big move. I told him that I wasn't gonna see him anymore, that I was so tired. That I was gonna find someone better. A miraculous thing happened though. He cried. He didn't hit me. He just cried"

"After a week, we came here. I can't believe he went here too. He's gonna hurt me. He's gonna kill me" I started crying again. Harry, Danielle and Eleanor were crying. Perrie was trying to hold back the tears. The rest of the boys hugged me.

Zayn said "we won't let him hurt you okay? We'll make sure" Louis said "no one's gonna hurt you now." Liam said "We'll be here, by your side" Harry hugged me last, "I'll never hurt you Niall. I could never imagine hurting you"

I kissed Harry. It was just a short kiss.

Danielle, Eleanor and Perrie hugged me. These girls are so sweet. Dani said "How about we skip class and eat something?"

We all looked for Liam to approve. He looked at me and sighed "Alright, alright" I couldn't help but chuckle.

We bought a lot of food and went back to the rooftop. I was just glad I didn't see Josh again that day. But even if I did, I have no more reason to be scared. He doesn't own me, now does he?

I'm Harry's, only Harry's.

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