The New Guy

I did not write this story. Its off of well its a narry fanfic. There is boy on boy actions in this. But I really liked this story so yea . This is the authors info:It all started with a "H-hi I'm Niall Horan" to make Harry Styles go weak in the knees. (NOT FAMOUS)


11. Chapter 11

Harry's POV

For some weird reason, when I saw Niall's disappointed face. I felt really sick and guilty.

I mean he had the power to tell his mom, why can't I? I bet he wouldn't even mind telling the whole world but he can't because of me.

I felt some someone hold my hand under the tables. Niall asked "you okay babe?" I smiled as soon as he said babe "Of course. You're here aren't you?" Niall rolled his eyes "corny"

The other boys pretended to gag and I rolled my eyes and said "Hey. I had to be stuck with you guys making out with your girlfriends. It's my turn now!" they all chuckled.

As I look back at Niall, I couldn't help but fall more deeply in love. His laugh was more than overwhelming. And everything about him was just...amazing.

I realized something. I need to face my fears soon. My fear of being judged. Maybe I can't tell the world yet, but I can tell my parents right?

As soon as class finished, I stayed with Niall while he was waiting for his mom.

Niall said "I'm not a girl you know" I said "I know, but someone might harm you or worse...touch you" he chuckled "No one's" his voice slowly fading.

I put my arms around him "Don't worry babe. I'm here" Niall smiled "thanks" A car stopped right in front of us.

Niall walked towards it, holding my hand. The windows rolled down, showing, who I figured, Niall's mom.

She smiled at Niall first and then me. Niall said "Mom. This is Harry. My boyfriend" I couldn't help but blush at the way he says I'm his boyfriend. It's like he's not even ashamed for one bit.

His mom smiled and said "Hello Harry. I do hope you're taking care of my baby" Niall rolled his eyes "Mooom" I chuckled.

I waved goodbye to them and walked home since my house is near the school anyways.

As I reached my house, I rang the doorbell. My sister, Gemma was the one who opened it. She shook her head in a disapproving way "Mom's kinda pissed and dad's worried you know. You're unusually late without permission"

I nodded "I know"

I went to the kitchen were my mom and dad were waiting. My mom looked at me and said "Where have you been?" I said "I was waiting with my friend for his mom"

She glared at me "why couldn't you let him wait on his own? Louis' your bestfriend and you leave him alone"

I took a deep breath "Because mom...he's my boyfriend"

Gemma and Dad both shouted "WHAT?" and my mom looked at me in surprise. I looked down at the floor "The new guy at my school is my boyfriend. I'm gay okay? I'm sorry"

My mom stood up and hugged me "Aw it's okay baby. Why didn't you tell us?" I started crying "Because I thought you were gonna kick me out or something"

My mom rubbed my back "It's okay baby. We won't" after a while, my sister came over to hug me too. After everyone let go, my dad went to me and said 'I'll respect whoever you love son, but make sure you chose wisely" I nodded "I did dad"

Everything went smoothly afterwards, we ate dinner and my mom told me to invite Niall over on Friday.

The next day at school, I met my favorite blond boy near the lockers. Since the others weren't here yet, I grabbed his hand and ran upstairs.

Niall asked "where *puff* are *puff* we *puff* going?" I lead him to the roof, where I pushed him against the wall and kissed him softly, then roughly.

Niall put his arms around me and kissed me back.

When I finally pulled away, Niall asked me "what was that for?" I chuckled "Can't I kiss my boyfriend? Now that my parents finally know?"

Niall's eyes grew wide "You told them? You really told them?" I nodded and we kissed again until the bell rang.

We were only a few minutes earlier than the teacher. Liam asked "where have you guys been?" I smiled cheekily "On the rooftop"

Louis raised his eyebrows "what were you doing on the rooftop?" Niall blushed and Louis said "never mind, I don't want to know"

The teacher finally came with some very shocking news "Class, once again, we have a new student" Zayn whispered "seriously?"

The teacher said "Mr. Devine, please enter." I saw Niall's eyes grow wide as soon as a boy entered. Did Niall find him attractive or anything?

The boy smiled "Hi I'm Josh. Josh Devine" his eyes landed on Niall. I saw Niall tense up. Wait. That name sounds so familiar. Josh. Josh. JOSH. The boy from Niall's dream!

Niall stood up and said "I feel sick. I gotta go to the comfort room" the teacher nodded. He walked towards the door quickly.

It must be my imagination but I think I saw Josh whisper something to Niall that made Niall open the door as quick as lightning.

The teacher said "Mr. Devine. You can sit beside Mr. Styles" Great. I couldn't help but glare at him as he passed by.

Who is he? What relationship did he have with my Nialler?


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