Hey girl

New Fanfiction! Embarrassing yourself had always gotten you into trouble until your luck changes and your embarrassing self finds a super cute guy.... Romance, mystery, excitement and death...


3. Thought of you

You headed down to the wedding party and had such an amazing time! The bride and groom were so in love and you couldn't help thinking 'I'll never have that.' You had always been a player. You hated to admit it but you were. At school you were always so outgoing and flirty but on the inside all you wanted to do was find the perfect boyfriend, you just didn't wanna be broken! It had turned 4:30AM and you needed your bed! You slumped back onto the comfy chair and pulled out your phone, you had a text! 'Hey (yourname) it's Justin, I know youre at the wedding but I couldn't resist texting you already;) xx' You mumbled it and showed it to your worst-enemy Mariah. She always bragged about her boyfriends and one nights stands, even though she was a few years older than you! "Look Mariah! Told you I'd find a guy soon enough." You boasted and showed her the message. "Ha! Baby I got those kinda messages when I was nine! That guy aint interested." Mariah sniggered. You raised your eyebrows at her but just returned to your seat. You couldn't deal with an arguement right now, even though she had just annoyed the guts outta you. You decided to answer Justin back, 'Hey Justin! Awh you're too cute :3 Weddings awesome, can't believe I'm still awake though!:D xx' You were so frightened already incase Justin got bored of you! You shoved your phone back into your pocket, guessing that he wouldn't reply as he'd be sleeping. You finally grabbed a cab home and as soon as you arrived, you took off your heels and slipped into bed; keeping on makeup, your clothes and not even bothering to take your phone outta your pocket! Your eyes sleepy but your mind was still awake, imagining you and Justin being a perfect couple...
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