Hey girl

New Fanfiction! Embarrassing yourself had always gotten you into trouble until your luck changes and your embarrassing self finds a super cute guy.... Romance, mystery, excitement and death...


6. The first kiss

Justin agreed to take you home to get your money but you were slightly worried about your mom. You were going on a date in his car with a guy you had only met once. You cringed at the thought of it. "Hey Justin could you pull up here?" You asked. Justin pulled up at the side of the road, just around the corner from your house. You smiled and hopped out. You ran inside and grabbed your purse, your mom was in the back garden so she didn't even see you! You ran back round to Justin's car. You hopped in and buckled your seat belt. "Ready?" You asked, turning towards him. "I just need to say something." Justin replied shyly. You smiled at him and placed your hand on his. You really liked this guy already! He looked up and gazed into your eyes. You felt like you were melting inside, his eyes were beautiful. "I really like you." Justin whispered. You blushed, hard. "I really like you too. But I just think we should get to know eachother first... Ya know?" Justin glanced away from you, "Errr yeah." You frowned at him and moved closer, "What's up?" Justin turned to face away from you awkwardly. You reached out for his arm, "Please?" Justin hesitated and then suddenly moved towards you, he cupped your face with his hands and kissed you passionately on the lips. You couldn't help but kiss him back, wrapping your arms tightly around his perfect body. You pulled away slowly, breathing heavily. You couldn't help but smile in confusion. None of you said anything, you were both speechless. Justin pulled out of the street and you headed for the theme park. Suddenly your phone made a buzz. You had a message... From your next door neighbour? Your neighbour was 19, 3 years older than you and was called Leon. You had a love-hate relationship but he never texted you! Ever! It said 'Having fun with your boyfriend? ;) ;) ;)' You blushed as you read it, had he seen you? You thought you'd play along... 'What are you on abouy Leon?!' You started blushing from embarrassment.
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