Hey girl

New Fanfiction! Embarrassing yourself had always gotten you into trouble until your luck changes and your embarrassing self finds a super cute guy.... Romance, mystery, excitement and death...


1. Shoe Down

You twisted your ankles in the mirror, carefully looking at the black studded heels on your feet. "I don't know...?" You wondered, deciding whether you liked them or not. Chloe looked down at them, "They look nice!" She complimented and then went back to texting. You shrugged and threw them off of your feet. Caitlin came up to you, "Found any yet?" She asked. You shook your head and pouted your lips. "Well we better find some fast!" Caitlin said and hurried away to find some more. You had just been to a Wedding Ceremony but on the way out, you dropped your heeled shoe in the middle of a very busy road! You squirmed as you saw your gorgeous heel get ripped apart by car weels. There was no way you could head to the party with a shoe that wrecked so you, Chloe and Caitlin were sent into the mall to find some more. You wandered outta the store, window shopping when you suddenly spotted some glam heels in a window. "Oh My Gosh!" Your eyes widened as you raced towards shoe heaven. You had always been a shopper! Your friends followed, peering over your shoulder. "Get them!" Caitlin hinted. You looked at her, "Shall I?" Chloe joined in and nodded which was your signal. You jogged excitedly towards the doors but you bumped into someone on the way in! "Oops I'm so sorry!" You called but was too focused on the shoes than the guy you had just shoved. He didn't.mind though. He just laughed and carried on walking. "(y/n)! You just walked into that guy!" Caitlin told you off. You shrugged, "Forget him and look at these beauties!" You picked up the heels and went to the counter. You queued up whilst Caitlin and Chloe waited outside. You handed the girl the money and she handed you a designer bag with your fancy shoes in. You stepped outside the store and saw Caitlin and Chloe. You walked across to them and stood next to her. You pulled your new heels outta the bag and slipped off your tattered ones, leaning on what you thought was Caitlin's shoulder. Caitlin and Chloe were giggling so you peered up and saw you weren't leaning on Caitlin's shoulder, you was leaning on a random cute dude's shoulder!
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