Hey girl

New Fanfiction! Embarrassing yourself had always gotten you into trouble until your luck changes and your embarrassing self finds a super cute guy.... Romance, mystery, excitement and death...


4. Meeting perfection

You rolled outta bed and landed on your bedroom floor. "Urghhhh." You mumbled, feeling so damn rough. You layed there for a few minutes until you remembered Justin! You lifted up your body weight and slumped back onto your bed. You smiled, thinking of the night before and grabbed your phone sleepily. It was 12:50! You had a message from Justin... 'Hey Shawty are you free today?' You grinned and replied rapidly, 'Hey Justin! Yeah I'm free of ya wanna meet up?' You suddenly felt a burst of energy rush through you so you decided to finally get up. The house was surprisingly happy dowstairs, like it wasn't your ordinary home?! "Hey mum." You greeted, grabbing the cereal. She smiled at you as she was cooking bacon, "Do you not want bacon?" She asked. You shrugged and shook your head, you were too happy to care about eating too much. You poured in the cereal and milk and headed for the kitchen table when you saw another text! 'Great! Wanna meet at the mall? I mean we can go someplace else...?' It read. You tried not to smile too much else your mum would ask what's up. You replied, 'No I'd love too! Meet you there at 3, outside JD?' Justin instantly replied, 'Love too! Can't wait :)' You grinned and carried on with your breakfast/lunch. 



You went for a hot shower and dried and curled your hair. You applied a thick layer of eyeliner, mascara and lipgloss before picking out your outfit; dark blue denim shorts, purple tank top, black studded leather jacket and purple converse. You said to your mum that you was meeting some girls from school at the mall, not daring to tell her about this super cute stranger. She despised of you talking and meeting strangers! But you couldn't help it, this guy was perfection. You waved bye quickly, not wanting any questions to be asked. You walked outta the door and started skipping down the street, you had so much energy! You texted him to let him know that you was on your way and he replied, 'I'm just driving down now, Chaz might meet us later if that's ok?' You stared at your screen, drive? Drive? How old was he? You kept your cool and replied, 'Sure thing! See you soon!' You had to stop yourself from sprinting to meet him, you couldn't wait to see his beautiful face again! And that body...

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