Hey girl

New Fanfiction! Embarrassing yourself had always gotten you into trouble until your luck changes and your embarrassing self finds a super cute guy.... Romance, mystery, excitement and death...


2. Justin

You quickly removed your hand from this guy's shoulder and stumbled backwards against the railings. He laughed cutely and offered to help you up. You blushed and took his hand. "I'm so sorry!" You mumbled. "Don't worry, I do things like that all the time!" He replied. You couldn't stop staring at him for some reason... "I'm (yourname) by the way!" You said and smiled. "I'm Justin, nice name." He replied. "Thanks you too." You said shyly. There was an awkward pause so you turned to Caitlin and Chloe, "We better get back to the wedding!" You remembered. Justin looked confusingly at you, "Wedding!" He chuckled. You nodded and tried not to laugh, "Yeah... We went to the ceremony this morning but on the way out I kinda dropped my shoe in the middle of the road." You explained, holding up your wrecked heel. Justin raised his eyebrows and laughed at you, "Wow! And let me guess, you came here to get some new ones?" You remembered your new gorgeous kicks and looked down at them, smiling. "Yup! Like em?" You asked flirtily. Justin nodded and turned to a guy stood behind him. "Hey Chaz! Meet (yourname)." Justin welcomed as his friend walked out of a sports store. He smiled at you, "Hey nice to meet you (yourname)." You nodded at him, "Nice to meet you too Chaz! Anyway we really gotta go..." Justin nodded, looking dissapointed. "Ok well have fun! And oh (yourname)... Could I erm have your number?"He whispered, tracing the rail next to him. You tried not to look too happy and whipped out your phone. "Sure, as long as you promise to see me again?" You flirted. Caitlin and Chloe rolled their eyes but you couldn't help it! Justin was seriously attractive and he liked you! Justin copied your number into his iPhone. "Well, I'll text you later... Justin." You waved, your heart beating a billion times more than usual! Justin waved slightly as you walked away in your beautiful heels.
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