You're Perfect to Me

Acacia loves One Direction. She unexpectedly gets tickets to their concert and excited her after an awful doctor's checkup. What happens when she meets the guys and one falls for her, even though she's not skinny as a twig?


1. You're Perfect to Me

*Author's Note* 

I know it's kind of early to write an author's note, but I wanted to tell you guys a bit about me. (: 

My name is Caitlyn and I have always had a passion for writing. I hope to be an author someday. I had an idea for a fanfic one day, and I write it in my journal first, then post it here. I love One Direction with a burning passion (; 

This is my first story/fanfic whatever you call it, so like it, great(: don't, that's alright too(: please tell me if there's anything I need to improve. I'll do constructive criticism, but no hate. 

Thanks for reading! I really appreciate it!! (: <3

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