You're Perfect to Me

Acacia loves One Direction. She unexpectedly gets tickets to their concert and excited her after an awful doctor's checkup. What happens when she meets the guys and one falls for her, even though she's not skinny as a twig?


6. Unexpected Saviors

*SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG! I had MAJOR writer's block. This chapter took a few weeks to write.

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I felt like I was underwater. I felt like I was being dragged down by something. I began to hear faint sounds. Like shouts. Why are people yelling underwater?

"OI! LIAM! SHE'S OVER THERE!" a thick accent yelled. Was it Irish? Couldn't be; no one around here is from Ireland.

"HARRY COME ON!" another voice shouted.

"LOUIS, MATE SHE'S NOT AWAKE!" another accent shouted. Why am I hearing so many different accents?

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!" the Irish accent shouted again. I tried to open my eyes, but my eyelids felt like lead. My hearing became sharper.

"Zayn, Niall, you come with me!" a forth accent shouted.

"OI! STOP!" one of the accents shouted. I heard people running and fighting. I heard grunting and a heavy thud, like a body hitting the ground.

"GRAB 'EM ZAYN!" the Irish accent shouted.

I heard glass shattering and a car alarm start to go off. I heard an engine start and tires squeal.

"DAMN IT!" someone shouted.

I felt someone shaking me.

"Babe are you alright?" an angelic voice frantically asked.

"Liam, I think something's wrong," a panicky voice said.

I tried to say that I was alright, but it ended up coming out as "wuga wuga."

"Did you say something, love?" someone questioned.

I opened my eyes and saw two beautiful angels worriedly staring down at me.

"Liam, she's awake!" one of the angels cried.

I knew I had to be dead. The two angels looked a whole awful lot like Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne. So I was dead.

"Louis what do we do?" the Liam angel inquired.

Did he just say Louis? Yup, TOTALLY dead.

They both pondered in thought while I carefully studied their features, trying to decide if they were really there or not.

The Louis look-alike chuckled and said "Take a picture, love, it'll last longer."

I tried to sit up, but the entire world started to spin.

"Keep still, love. You were unconscious when we found you lying in the snow," the Liam look-alike said with concern filling his eyes.

"We need to take her inside to Emily. She'll know what to do. Plus it's bloody freezing out here," the Louis look-alike stated.

I noticed he was in a short sleeve shirt and no jacket and a green beanie, like one of Harry's. Liam was wearing a black tee shirt and basketball shorts. His ears were as red as his nose was. I had on my purple sweater, but I had no idea where my jacket was. Along with my purse.

"Where are the other lads?" The Liam angel questioned.

"Wait, what other lads? And who are you two?" I questioned. I was still very confused.

They looked at each other and smirked. They got up and stood next to each other, like they had rehearsed something.

"I'm Louis," the look-alike said.

"I'm Liam," the other stated.

"And we..."

"And I'm Harry!" someone shouted and shoved the two in a nearby snow bank.

Louis laughed and picked up a huge glob of snow. He walked over to Harry and shoved it down the back of his brown tee shirt and pressed it to his back. That was the beginning of World War III. Harry whipped around and shoved Louis in a snow back and then went in after him. Liam ran over and made two huge snowballs and hit the pair with them. All three of them ended up in a snow bank wrestling. A blonde boy and a tan boy jogged over and joined the fun.

After they were all soaked and shivering, they helped me inside. They led me over to a couch and wrapped me in a blanket. Harry got some hot cocoa while Zayn went to go get Emily. I noticed he was limping a bit.

We were all sipping our hot chocolate, when I asked "So what happened?"

"Well," Niall began, "we were all walking over to see some of the fans that were waiting in this bloody freezing weather when we heard you scream. The guy ran off but Harry, Zayn, and I chased over him while Liam and Louis went over to help you," Liam and Louis awkwardly waved. "We nearly tackled him but he hit Zayn and messed his ankle up pretty bad. Zayn fell and Harry went to help him up as I kept chasing him. The bastard broke into a car and drove off. I don't even know what he was after..."

"Don't you guys have security to chase after people like him?" I questioned.

"Well we weren't exactly supposed to go visit the fans..." Louis admitted.

"Not my idea!" Liam shouted.

We all laughed and Harry made some more hot chocolate.

"So did you have backstage passes?" Harry questioned.  


"What do you mean?" I asked

"Why were you backstage? I didn't think they let anyone backstage before the concert. Do they?" He asked.

No one had an answer. Liam opened his mouth to say something but he closed it again.

"Well I-" I started.

"HEY!" A deep voice growled. "Who are you?"

I couldn't answer. I was frozen with fear. He looked so much like him...

As he came closer I screamed and put my arms in front of my face, expecting him to hit me.

"Babe, are you alright?" Louis asked, with concern in his voice.  


I started crying. I couldn't help it. All the memories of him came flooding back. Louis put his arm around me and cradled me until I calmed down.

"It was only Olly, the security guard here. He won't hurt you," he reassured me.  


I glanced over at Olly who was in a hushed discussion with Liam. Liam finally nodded and whispered something in Louis's ear. Louis rubbed my shoulders and he sat up.

"Okay babe. You're going to have to go with Olly here for a little while. Just until we can figure out who you are since you have no ID and no passes. I'm really sorry," he said.

"Oh, I have my driver's license right-" I stopped suddenly.

"What is it?" Niall questioned.

"That's what he stole. My purse. With everything inside of it," I said.

"What was he after? Do you know?" Niall questioned.

"I had my wallet with all my cards and information in it and my tickets to the concert," I sighed and leaned back on the couch.

"I'm so sorry!" Liam said.  


"Ma'am would you please come with me? I'm just going to ask you some questions. Nothing else, I promise," Olly softly said.

I was still scared. "Okay," I quietly said.

"He won't hurt you," Louis whispered, "I promise. You can trust me right?" He asked.

"Yes," I whispered back.

"Great," he smiled. "I'll see you at the concert?" He asked.

"I would but the bastard stole my tickets. remember?" I said.

"Don't worry babe. I've got you covered," Louis grinned

"Really?" I asked.

"Yes!" Louis shouted  


"Oh thank you Louis!" I shouted and hugged him.

"No problem. But just one thing," he said.

"What is it?" I questioned.

"What's your name?" He laughed.

"Acacia," I stated. "Acacia Harrison," I smiled.

"Beautiful," he said.

I blushed and walked toward Olly. "See you boys in a bit!" I shouted.

"Byeee!" They all shouted.

I walked into a room with Olly and was instructed to sit on a couch.

"Don't worry," he said. "Liam explained everything."

"That's great," I sighed.

"Where's Zayn?" He questioned. "I didn't see him with the rest of the lads," he said.

"He went to go find someone named Emily," I said, "He was limping."

"I'll see if I can go find her. You look so cold," he said as he wrapped another blanket around me.

"Thank you," I smiled. It was silly of me to be scared of him. But he looked so much like...

"I'll be right back," he said, "You stay right there," he laughed.

"I will," I quietly said. As he left I started trembling. And not from the cold. I started having flashbacks of him...


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*I finally got a chance to update! I've been so busy and I'm really sorry!! ): but chapter four is here and I have a list of ideas and plot twists for the rest of the fanfic that will make you scream, cry, and most likely throw your phone/computer out the window. (; I'll be updating as much as I can, but it's not going to be as frequently as I'd like and I'm sorry. BUT other than that I hope you enjoy this update and likes, comments, and shares are VERY MUCH appreciated. Because I honestly don't think I've gotten any. I made an Instagram account for this fanfic where I'll also be posting the story, but I will ALWAYS update Wattpad first. On the Instagram account, I'll occasionally post pictures of what's going on in the story or characters, but that won't be until later in the story. It's yptm_fanfic and any followers and comments are appreciated(: The story will get more interesting as it progresses, so please be patient! Thank you guys for reading! Some events in the story are based off of things that have personally happened to me, but not all of it. I hope it won't take quite as long for chapter 5, but I have homework every night and volleyball practice on Friday and Saturday, so I'll try my best(: thank you!!* 

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