You're Perfect to Me

Acacia loves One Direction. She unexpectedly gets tickets to their concert and excited her after an awful doctor's checkup. What happens when she meets the guys and one falls for her, even though she's not skinny as a twig?


2. The Checkup

"Are you ready Acacia?" Mom yelled from downstairs. I hated this morning. It was my annual checkup. And I did NOT want to go. Not because of the needles, not because of the "once over" but because I already knew what the doctor would tell me. I had known for a long time, and everyone else could see it. I just couldn't fix it.

"Honey let's go!" she cried while going out the door.  

I finished putting on my makeup and grabbed my Vera Bradley purse. I headed downstairs and slipped on my grey boots and purple Northface jacket. I trekked through the snow over to my mom's Hyundai. I got inside where it was nice and warm. I buckled up and my mom headed off toward the clinic.

I tried to think happy thoughts, but none would come to me. The only thing I could think of was the concert I was going to miss later that night. The concert I had been waiting over a year for. The only night I would see One Direction live. I didn't have enough money for tickets, even though I had worked all summer. I couldn't ask for tickets for my birthday because my birthday was a few months after the concert.  

I sighed and put my earbuds in and hit shuffle on my phone. I closed my eyes and listened to my music until Mom tapped on my knee, our secret signal for me to take out my earbuds.

"Are you alright Caci?" Mom asked with a worried look in her eye, "You're shaking your leg." My worst nervous habit.  

"Yes Mom," I sighed. "I'm just jittery, I don't like needles." Not true. I was fine with needles. I don't tell people about my problems. I never have. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

We pulled into the parking lot and my heart dropped to my feet. I double checked my makeup and straightened my purple sweater. I grabbed my purse and slowly got out of the car.  


We walked in and I could feel all eyes on me. I quickly sat down and fiddled with my iPhone while Mom checked me in.  

I got on tumblr until I was called back. Some of the old pictures of the boys made me smile.  

"Dr. Robinson can see you now Miss Harrison," the assistant called to me.  

I sighed and made my way to the exam room with Mom trailing behind me.  

"Please take a seat Acacia," the assistant, Danielle, politely requested.  

I did as I was told and Dr. Robinson walked in within a few minutes.

"How are you Acacia?" Dr. Robinson asked as a shook her hand.  

"Bad," I mumbled under my breath.  

"Just fine," I said through a forced smile.  

"Great!" the doctor exclaimed. "Let's get started," she suggested.

I sighed and sat on the exam table. She started by checking my blood pressure and heart rate. Next she checked my reflexes and heartbeat. She had me take off my shirt and did a few breathing tests. Then it came time for my weight and height.  

"Here we go," I thought, "She's going to realize how fat I am." 

"Take your shoes off and stand on this dear," Dr. Robinson instructed me. I slid off my boots and stepped on the scale.  

"First, your height," she said while sliding the bar over my head. I stood up straight while she measured me.  

Dr. Robinson announced, "5 feet, 5 and a half inches." I sighed. At least I wasn't short.  

She put the bar back in place and moved on to the scale. I gulped and started playing with my ring.  

"Acacia quit honey," Mom instructed.  

I reluctantly dropped my hands to my sides.  

Dr. Robinson messed with the scale for a few moments then knit her eyebrows and scribbled something down on her clipboard.  

"Please have a seat," Dr. Robinson kindly instructed Mom and I.  

"Here it comes," I thought. My stomach did a flip.  

The doctor had a soft look in her sparkling grey eyes. She was very pretty with soft, grey eyes and perfectly curled blonde hair.  

"Mrs. Harrison," she began, "Acacia is overweight. The normal weight for a 17 year old girl is about 130 pounds. Acacia weighs 168."  

I tried not to cry. I was fatter than I thought I was. I felt awful and I didn't want to hear any more. I put in my earbuds, hit shuffle, and closed my eyes. She was talking to my mother, after all.  

"She will need to go on a diet and get lots of regular exercise, such as going for a jog with the family dog." She glanced at Acacia and continued. "I'm not talking about only drinking smoothies and only eating vegetables or anything, that's unhealthy. You can make her healthier meals and follow the serving size. If you get the whole family to eat right, it will make her feel more supported." She whispered, "Keep a watchful eye on her and her weight. Make sure it's not dropping too quickly. If you suspect she's developing an eating disorder, being her in right away." Mom nodded.  

She tapped my knee and I opened my eyes in time to see Dr. Robinson hand her a pamphlet. Oh joy.

I went across the hall to get my blood drawn. I felt a pinch and it was over within a few minutes.  

I stood up and shook hands with Dr. Robinson, then went back to the car. I started listening to my music again and "Little Things" came on.  

I sighed and thought to myself "That doesn't happen. No guy would ever think of a girl like that. They all have to be super gorgeous and skinny as twigs." I closed my eyes and focused on not crying. They name every one of my insecurities in that song.  

Mom got in the car and tapped on my knee. I sighed and took my earbuds out.  

"So I know you didn't want to get a checkup Caci, I could see it in your eyes," she started, "and I know you must be feeling bad, but don't be hard on yourself." She said solemnly.  

"I have a surprise for you," she said with a smirk. She reached into the glove compartment and produced an envelope.


*I know that chapter was boring, it gets better I promise. If you have any thoughts please share them. I'd really appreciate it(: *

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