You're Perfect to Me

Acacia loves One Direction. She unexpectedly gets tickets to their concert and excited her after an awful doctor's checkup. What happens when she meets the guys and one falls for her, even though she's not skinny as a twig?


4. Shopping Spree with Mom

"So C'mon c'mon and dance with me baby," Louis said as he pulled me up on stage.  

I looked out at the thousands of screaming fans cheering us on. I looked around at the other four guys. They were spread out as if to give us plenty of room to dance. I looked down at what I was wearing and my heart skipped a beat. I was wearing a gorgeous mid-thigh length grey-blue dress with sparkling swirls all over it. I had matching silver sparking heels to accent the silver in the dress and a small silver handbag. I had on authentic off-grey pearls and matching pearl earrings. I could only imagine what my makeup looked like. The whole outfit made my blue-grey eyes stand out perfectly. I was absolutely taken aback by my dress. How could I ever afford something like this?

I looked back over at Louis and nearly melted into a puddle. He had changed from his usual striped shirt, red pants and black Toms into a stunning light grey tux with a blue-grey bowtie which looked amazing with his blue eyes. His hair was gelled up perfectly. He took my hand and started dancing with me while Harry, Niall, Liam, and Zayn continued to sing.

"Yeah, the music is so loud. I wanna be yours now. So c'mom c'mon and dance with me baby," the other boys sang to us and he twirled me around.

"You're so beautiful Acacia." He whispered to me as he leaned down to kiss me. The crowd went absolutely ballistic. There were several wolf whistles dispersed through the crowd, and the four boys at the side of the stage contributed to most of them.  


We pulled out of the kiss and I was speechless. All I could do was stare into his dazzling blue eyes. He took my hand and led me to the other boys. He looked them each in the eyes for a brief second and then smiled. They smiled back. Louis led me backstage.

"What about the rest of the show?" I worriedly asked him. I didn't want him to miss the rest of the show.  

"The boys are going to cover for me," he said with a wicked grin and a twinkle in his eye.

"ACACIA WAKE UP!" Mom shouted. I woke with a start and ripped out my earbuds.  

"WHAT? WHO? WHERE ARE WE?" was all I managed to spit out as a tried to manage my racing heart. I looked around me and saw we were in a parking lot. I sighed. It was only a dream.  

"We're at the mall, hun," Mom said as she got out of the car. I perked up a bit. Maybe we could get the stunning dress in my dream.  

It was beginning to snow again, so we hurried inside. The mall was bustling with Christmas shoppers and preppy girls my age that practically lived at the mall.  

We started walking towards some of the shops when I thought to ask, "Mom, why are we here?" 

"To get you ready for tonight," she said with that crooked grin I had already seen several times that morning.  

"We're here for me?" I almost shouted. I could hardly contain my excitement. I hadn't been on a shopping trip with Mom in a few years. We had never had enough time to go together. I could sometimes spare enough time to go to the mall and get a few things, but rarely. I was too caught up in school, work, church, and volleyball.  

We walked into my favorite and I immediately saw something that caught my eye. It was a lavender sweater with light purple sequins all over it. Under it were dark grey tights and a pair of light grey boots. I ran over to it and searched for my size.

After five minutes of checking and rechecking, I finally gave up. It just wasn't in my size. I scanned the store for something else, but I didn't find anything that particularly matched my style. I decided to get a purple Jack Wills hoodie, a few new pairs of jeans, and some Toms and Vans. We tried a few other stores, but nothing was as cute as that sweater had been.  

By lunch I was pretty depressed, so I just ate a salad.  

We hit up a few more stores and I bought a brand new outfit and some new makeup. I also snuck off and bought some new clothes for Mom to try and repay her.  

We returned home and I put on my new outfit. I got a dandelion yellow sweater with horizontal white stripes, a matching yellow rose, a pair of black jeans, and a pair of dandelion flats. I perfectly curled my hair with my wand and did my makeup. I clipped up my bangs with the yellow rose, and got my 

white coat and white purse with yellow roses on it, then headed downstairs.  

I sat and talked with Mom and helped her prepare dinner. We made 

her favorite dinner, Doritos casserole, and us two, Dad, and Dakota all sat down for dinner together.  

"Caci, who are you going to take with you?" Dakota asked as I told her all about what had happened earlier. She came home from college earlier that week. Usually sisters fight, but Dakota and I had always been close. I really missed her when she went off to college.  

"Oh geez I don't know," I said with a shrug. "Do you want to go with me?" 

"Sorry baby sis, I can't. I meeting up with a few of my old friends from high school," she said with an apologetic look on her face.  

"That's alright," I said. I'd probably sell the other ticket for a present for Dakota before she leaves.  

After I finished dinner, I checked my makeup one last time and borrowed Mom's car. I stopped at the bank and got plenty of money out for tee-shirts.

I got to the arena two hours before it was supposed to start and the parking lot was already packed. I hurried over and got my place in line. I took out my phone and started messing around on Instagram and listened to Take Me Home to pass the time. I got lost in old pictures of One Direction when I felt a tugging on my purse. I looked over and saw a man trying to take my wallet and my tickets.  

"HEY!" I shouted. He was NOT going to steal from me. It's just not going to happen. I chased after him and finally got him next to a building. I punched and kicked him as hard as I could, but it was no use. He hit me once in the jaw and everything went blurry. I crumpled on the ground and watched him run away. My vision went in and out and I could faintly hear yelling. Probably two fangirls fighting over which one Harry loves more. My vision blurred for one final time, and the last thing I saw were two perfect angels running toward me.

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