You're Perfect to Me

Acacia loves One Direction. She unexpectedly gets tickets to their concert and excited her after an awful doctor's checkup. What happens when she meets the guys and one falls for her, even though she's not skinny as a twig?


5. A/N: SORRY!

Hey beautiful reader! Sorry to leave you hanging. I'm having MAJOR writer's block. It's really bad. I have a whole notebook filled with ideas for later on in the story, but I have to get passed this chapter to put them into action. I've had a lot going on and stuff I need to get around before I can start updating. I have homework in most of my classes most nights, so that keeps me pretty occupied. I also try to keep up with my Instagram so I don't loose more followers than I already do. I am usually packed on the weekends with church and catching up on homework. I wish there were more hours in the day. I constantly keep ideas flowing though(: I'm really sorry I left you hanging. I'm not sure how many people read this, but any read is greatly appreciated.(: If you ever want to yell at me for not updating YPTM, my info is at the bottom. I'll listen to any ideas you have also, and try to put them into the story if I can(: I am going to two writing camps this summer, so I'll be an improved author. Don't worry, I'll be updating YPTM waayyy before then. I'm just trying to sort out some things and deal with others. I just want to say RIP to all the Directioners who committed suicide yesterday. It makes me think. I heard six died, but I think two of them are okay now. RIP!

And to my BEAUTIFUL on the inside and out friend,(and I know you'll read this as soon as you can, you'll think there's more to the story. Sorry bby!) keep your head up princess, your tiara is falling! You're beautiful but I don't think you listen to me when I tell you that. I've watched you grow up (sounds creepy cause we're the same age) and I know how beautiful you are. I really miss you. You're beautiful, amazing, and incredibly funny. I'm so glad we made up after those many months. I thought I found a new best friend, but he just wasn't for me. I'm sorry I blew up your phone and kik, I was worried! But your sis updated me on what you did and I'm proud(: I could never do that! I'll shower you with love when you come back and I'm leaving this so you know how much you mean to me. I'm just afraid something is going to happen again, so I'm going slow. (God this sounds like a love note doesn't it?) I LOVE YOU BBY! YOU'RE PERFECT TO ME!! I hope you actually realize what all I'm saying is true. ALL of it. Kik me as soon as you can! I plan on putting you in this fanfic in a way you'll really enjoy(; <3

Okay! Aside from that, here's my contact info!

Instagram: zayn_mistakes_

Twitter: catiebug1118



Kik: catiebug1118

I hope I'll get to update soon! Bye cupcakes! (That's what I call anyone who follows me on anything. Don't take offense please (; )

I really appreciate ALL and ANY reads, and if you totally HATE the story,please please please PLEASE tell me! I don't want to continue this if its awful and people hate it. If one person likes it, and one hundred hate it, I'll keep it going. I don't want to take that away from someone. If you could share this story or like it, I'd really appreciate it because no one ever has. Thank you all my beautiful cupcakes!

Check out my short story, Floating, up now! First short story, so feedback is appreciated. (:

Bye loves! Update coming soon! (: <3

- xx Caitlyn

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