Into The Forest

When a girl (Melinie) and her dog (Hani) go into the forest without no one knowing she winds up finding out Hani is a wolf and he is taking her to a pack. But the vampires find out she is in the forest, and the last thing they need is for some rabid wolves to take another human away. So they decide to go after her, so they can turn her into something that will stay alive forever. They choose a newer vampire they trust (Joey) to have her fall in love with him to get her to trust him. Will she fall in love with him? Will she follow her dog into being something he thinks she should be to survive? Will she follow Joey? Or will he fall in love With Melinie?


1. The runaway's plan

"Ugh!" I screamed. I absolutely hate my family. Well, all besides my dog. Yesterday I found out something really strange. It was that my dog wasn't just any old dog, like a German Sheppard or something. Actually he's a wolf! When we go on walks he tries to pull me into the forest. I had told my parents I wanted to go explore the forest with him. They had obviously told me no, because if I got lost he wouldn't be able to bring me back. That is how it ended up with me telling them to bug off. Ugh! I hate them.

My brothers and sisters don't help either. They’re apparently a bunch of little “angels”. But truthfully they’re a bunch of snitches. If I'm reading, doing my homework, or even playing with my dog, Hani, they will make up a random lie saying I hit them or something. It's apparently a crime to do one of the things I am actually allowed to do. That's mainly why I'm grounded all the time. So yeah I only really have Hani.

So now I'm grabbing some clothes to put in my bag along with some food, and the little amount of money I have just in case, with some of my books, and my writing journal. I'm going into the forest, and my parents, or my siblings are going to stop me. I mainly want to go see if Hani is in a pack, or if he's a lone wolf.

I had always wanted to go explore the forest. But my parents said it was full of evil things. Yet I don't believe those stories anymore.

Should I? But believe me this isn't the first time I’ll admit it, but these stories used to freak me out. Oh well, Hani will protect me. Hopefully!

When I got Hani they said he was a German Sheppard mixed with a husky. But no, he's a wolf which makes him like really cool.


Leash in hand, and supplies in bag. All I need is Hani with me, and then I can leave. It's a Monday so I'm going to take him for a walk before school. Only I'm not going to school. Also I'm not bringing Hani back.

"Melinie, are you ready yet, you need to take your god be damned dog out for a walk, and don't you dare go into that forest!" my mother hissed at me from down the stairs.

Yeah, whatever, I'll be down in a minute!" I had screamed back at her. I absolutely hate her; I swear to god she's the worst mother ever I still can't believe I came out of her womb.

"Melinie! Get your ass down here so you can get to school! I'm tired of your shit! If you’re not down here in five seconds then I might not let you go to school!"

I did a double take to make sure I had everything I needed so I wouldn't have to go rouge with everything. Quickly I ran downstairs and saw my mother standing there annoyed. Yeah I couldn’t wait to get out of this damned house, it was a living hell.

"Here's the leash, take your damn dog for his walk before I pelt it. Don't fucking think I won't either!"

"Whatever mom, are you giving me a ride to school today?"

"Hell no, you don't deserve the clothes you are wearing for pulling your little sisters hair yesterday."

"Mom I told you I was upstairs studying for the test tomorrow!"

"I don't believe it. Now take your dog out for his walk!"

Yeah, I really couldn't wait.

"Melinie are you going to take that dog to school or are you dropping him back off?" She half screamed at me.

"Yeah I'll drop him off in the backyard then start walking."

"Remember you dare go into that forest your ass is mine!"

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