Into The Forest

When a girl (Melinie) and her dog (Hani) go into the forest without no one knowing she winds up finding out Hani is a wolf and he is taking her to a pack. But the vampires find out she is in the forest, and the last thing they need is for some rabid wolves to take another human away. So they decide to go after her, so they can turn her into something that will stay alive forever. They choose a newer vampire they trust (Joey) to have her fall in love with him to get her to trust him. Will she fall in love with him? Will she follow her dog into being something he thinks she should be to survive? Will she follow Joey? Or will he fall in love With Melinie?


3. Part of the pack

“Hani, who is this human you brought with you?" One of the other wolves spoke with a harsh tone on the word human.”

"This is my owner," Hani said proudly. "I wanted her to be part of the pack. She needs to get away from her mother, and siblings. I've seen it over the last few years, Melinie used to be the happiest person ever until her siblings decided to start torturing her, and using their mother against her."

The wolf who spoke earlier to me narrowed her eyes at me and said, "So your name is Melinie? Well I hope you’re up for a challenge. If your mother told you of stories of what's in here, I can guarantee quite a few of them are true, but not all of them. We have the ability to where you never have to see your family again, but only if you can abide by our laws, and can easily adapt to this forest. Also you can choose what you want to be."

I was feeling nothing but shock. Had that wolf really just spoken to me? Did Hani just talk like a human? How come he never has before? Why was I here? What was I getting myself into? So many questions, I just needed the answers to them. I had a feeling that they would come in time, but I couldn't even say something back. Afraid what I had just heard was my imagination playing tricks on me. Animals that aren't humans, they don't speak our language, just like we can't speak theirs. But that is what I just heard, them speaking English. I'm going to need some answers, fast.



Hani was at the front of the group with the other wolf that spoke to me earlier. I was towards the end with a few behind me; as if they were keeping tabs on me to make sure I wouldn't go back to the human world to tell everyone of my little discovery.

We were starting to slow down when I caught a slight glimpse of a huge cave. As we passed it I noticed smaller areas inside the cave, noting them as what I presumed as rooms. There were a lot of wolves just walking around, and starring at me followed by their pups. I have to admit that it was creepy as hell. I've heard of large wolf packs, but nothing this large, though I am in some weird magical forest so I guess anything is possible here.


"Huh? What?"

I looked to where I heard my name from, it was from the wolf that had spoke to me earlier. "We need you to listen to us, and you to do exactly as we say. If you don't, then you might want to run because most of these wolves do not show any mercy. Do you understand?"

Yes, I do,” I replied back to her “Just keep me away from my family, Please, Hani was trying to show me something I needed to do all of these years, and I finally came to the conclusion to go with him."

"Good. You will learn most of our rules as you go along. You weren't exactly raised here, so you will need some time. The first thing though is to never disrespect a wolf of a higher authority. In which, until you show honor, respect, in which case is most all of the wolves here. Your rank for now is, well, you are what you humans call omegas. Also, you own no one here; Hani is no longer your so called pet. We gratefully thank you for taking care of him, he is one of our most trusted betas, I hope he's right about you. This is now your home, Welcome."

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