Into The Forest

When a girl (Melinie) and her dog (Hani) go into the forest without no one knowing she winds up finding out Hani is a wolf and he is taking her to a pack. But the vampires find out she is in the forest, and the last thing they need is for some rabid wolves to take another human away. So they decide to go after her, so they can turn her into something that will stay alive forever. They choose a newer vampire they trust (Joey) to have her fall in love with him to get her to trust him. Will she fall in love with him? Will she follow her dog into being something he thinks she should be to survive? Will she follow Joey? Or will he fall in love With Melinie?


2. Leaving

Heading out the door with Hani on one end of the leash and me on the other, it felt as if he knew what I was planning. Like usual he led me into the forest, but instead of stopping him this time I followed instinctively. He turned and it seemed he was grinning. I’m pretty sure because he was seeing me want to leave my devil of a mother. He slowly jogged and then turned to make complete sure I was following at trees edge, in which so happens I was. He was happy to see I wasn't playing and knew the seriousness, or something of this. I didn't even know what would happen.

Where was Hani taking me? Would I be safe when I got there? Would there be anybody there? So many questions I just hoped someone to answer all of them. Instinct finally took complete control of me, and I followed him with no such regret or any waking sign of me wanting to turn back. I was going to a place where Hani must have thought I belonged.


The forest was so beautiful once you got past the edge of the trees, with so many pretty flowers and types of plants. But Hani didn't stop me at about ten feet in. He kept pushing me forward. After about what seemed like an hour I started to get tired. How big was this forest? It seemed to go on for miles, as if it kept growing. Hani seemed to know his way perfectly through the forest, as if he'd been through it a thousand times. Maybe he snuck away when I was at school, while my so called "mother" wasn't paying attention.

There were so many plants and animals, most I couldn't even name. Everything seemed almost mystical. But I still couldn’t see any hints of other wolves anywhere. So maybe Hani was a lone wolf.

After walking for about another three hours I start to hear howling. At first I thought it was just Hani, but then there were more joining in. I was following close behind Hani because I didn't know what they would think about a human in their forest. All of a sudden maybe six wolves come out of the shadows at once, and none of them look that dangerous. I hadn’t even realized I was holding my breath until things were starting to spin. The wolves were a variety of beautiful colors. Hani walked away from me to where I couldn't get to him. Was there more to the pack? If so, where were they at, and why are they not here now? 

I didn't think wolves could speak like a human.

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