my brother Josh Devine

this story is about a girl named London Devine who's brother is the one and only Josh Devine the drummer for the biggest boy band in the world One Direction. Josh invites London to come and meet the boys of One Direction and London begins to have a crush on a special someone but Josh doesn't like it . Josh is supper over protective and doesn't want anyone to touch his sister. Read to find out what happens.


2. supprise

I was sitting in my room on my computer then... ring ring!!! my phone went on my night stand. I wonder who can be calling at 9 o'clock at night? I looked at my I phone 5 screen and just about screamed "OMG ITS JOSH" I screamed out loud. After screaming for about 15 seconds I answered the phone. (L stands for London and J stands for josh)

L-OMG hi Josh I haven't talked to u in ages, I miss you so much

J- I miss you to but calm down I was wondering if you want to come finally visit the boys

L-Of course I will visit them but when?

J- ok good I will pick you up tomorrow at 9 am be ready and I'm just taking you to harry's house so u don't need to dress up or anything so ill talk to you tomorrow

L-ok I cant wait bye


hang up

omg I'm finally going to meet One Direction!!! I might even hit it off with harry!!! "oohh" I yawn "I should get to bed" I said to myself so I got my pjs on, and went to bed thinking about everything that can possibly happen tomorrow.


I was standing in front of a house door and then someone answered the door but I couldn't tell who it was but then I realized who was standing in front of me it was harry

(H stands for Harry and L stands for London)

H-I cant believe I haven't meet you before

L-I know. My brother has known you for like 3 years.

H-Umm ive been wanting to ask you this but why hasn't josh ever let you meet us before

L-Well Josh has always been super over protective and never let me talk to boys because he didn't want me to have a boyfriend or even a guy friend, and he was scared that I would start dating someone in the band

H- O well he has never seemed protective he is always care free


H- yeah. umm... so I was wondering if you would...

~~~~END OF DREAM~~~~~


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