my brother Josh Devine

this story is about a girl named London Devine who's brother is the one and only Josh Devine the drummer for the biggest boy band in the world One Direction. Josh invites London to come and meet the boys of One Direction and London begins to have a crush on a special someone but Josh doesn't like it . Josh is supper over protective and doesn't want anyone to touch his sister. Read to find out what happens.


1. intro

   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~London's P.O.V~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hi!!! My name is London Marie Devine I'm 16 years old and live with my parents in London, England with my parents. I also have the best big brother ,Josh Devine, who I miss so much because he always on tour with Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn also known as One Direction. I only see Josh on holidays and on my birthday. He has known the members of One Direction for about 2 years but he won't let me meet them. When Josh was around he would never let me date or even hang out with boys. He is so overprotective. I have never met one direction but I already have a favorite, Harry.

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