my brother Josh Devine

this story is about a girl named London Devine who's brother is the one and only Josh Devine the drummer for the biggest boy band in the world One Direction. Josh invites London to come and meet the boys of One Direction and London begins to have a crush on a special someone but Josh doesn't like it . Josh is supper over protective and doesn't want anyone to touch his sister. Read to find out what happens.


3. big day

I woke up thinking about the dream I just had and wondering what he was going to ask me.? then I snapped out of my thoughts and then took a shower, got dressed, did my hair, and then my make up. I still had about an hour left until josh came to pick me up so I went to the kitchen made a bowl if cereal and then went to the living room sat on the couch and watched T.V. There wasn't anything good on so I just watched Sponge Bob.

 Ding Dong.!

The door bell went. Wow time flies when you are watching T.V. I got up off the couch and opened the door. "AHH JOSH I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!!!" I screamed. "I missed you to!!! I'll go say hi to mum and dad and then we can go to harry's" josh said back. "Ok" you tell him as he walks inside the house to say hi to mum and dad.       ~~~Skipping saying hi to mum and dad~~~

"Bye mum bye dad" I said walking out the door on the way to harry's with josh.

I got in the car with josh and then he started talking about if I liked anyone and I said no even though that's not true. I like someone but I don't know his name I bumped into him at starbucks and we exchanged numbers and went on 1 date but then he never called me back or anything. He looked fimiluar but I cant figure out where he was from. During the long car ride I was trying to figure out who that guy was then it hit me. It was the one and only Niall Horan. We arrived at Harry's and as soon as we walked into the house I noticed Niall looking right at me and smiling. I blushed. josh introduced me to the boys and they seem really nice and sweet. Then Niall gave me a tour of Harry's house and showed me where my room was. After that the boys and I went to eat at Nando's. Louis brought Eleanor, Liam brought Daniell , and Zayn brought Perrie to come with us. I've only been there one and that was with Niall so when we got there it brought back a lot of memories of that date.


"London I like you but not like that, you seem like a great friend but just a friend." Niall told me on the way out of the door after our date to Nando's. "its ok" I said back to him. But I was really sad he was the only guy I really liked. So we got in Niall's car and he drove my home. As soon as I got home I ran to my room ,not even caring if my mum or dad saw me, and cried myself to sleep. And after that night I refused to go on any other dates because he hurt me so much.


I ended up sitting next to u guessed it Niall. You want to know something weird we ordered the exact thing. When everyone was done eating we went back to Harry's and watched a move. Louis picked the movie it was The Woman In Black so I hated it. I was sitting on the couch next to Niall and every time I got scared (which was pretty much the whole movie) I would put my head into nail's shoulder. After about an hour of the horrible movie I started to fall asleep. I ended up falling a sleep on Niall and as I started to drift off I looked up at Niall and saw him smiling at me, I smiled back at him then went to sleep.

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