my brother Josh Devine

this story is about a girl named London Devine who's brother is the one and only Josh Devine the drummer for the biggest boy band in the world One Direction. Josh invites London to come and meet the boys of One Direction and London begins to have a crush on a special someone but Josh doesn't like it . Josh is supper over protective and doesn't want anyone to touch his sister. Read to find out what happens.


4. another supprise

I woke up in the morning on someone but I didn't know who it was but then I remembered what last night.

The first day I met the boys I thought I liked Harry but I realized I liked Niall. He was the one who gave me a tour of HARRY'S house, the one who sat next to me everywhere we went, and he was my first real crush. And I have never felt like I do when Im around Niall I always get nervous and I have never felt like that to any other guy.

 So back on track , I woke up on Niall's lap but he was still asleep and smiling. "Could he possibly still like me" I thought to my self. I highly doubt that, sadly. Then Niall started to move and I pretended to be asleep but with my eyes still open a little to where he couldn't that I was awake. He saw me "still asleep" and smiled then kissed my forehead. I smiled at that and he noticed then said "Good morning my princess". Did he just call me his princess. OMG! I really like Niall but I don't ask guys out on dates they have to ask me. "Good morning " I sleepily said back to him. "Why don't we go get some breakfast" he said. "ok sure, but no one else is awake" I replied back. it was about 7 o'clock in the morning and no one was awake. "so, we can just go to mc donalds its only like 10 minutes away if we walk" he said back "But why do u want to walk?" I questioned "I just want to get to know you better" he answered "o ok" I said.

So we started to walk to mc donalds and he asked me if I had a boyfriend and I said no. I wonder why he asked me that? Maybe he wanted to ask me out!!! When we arrived to Mc Donalds we ordered our food and sat in a booth. As we waited for our food they finally called our number. It took Niall a while to get our food and filling our drinks. So I just waited and after about 5 minutes he came back with the tray with fries spilt all over it. He sat the tray down and said "I have to go to the bathroom ill be back in a minute." "k" I said back. Then I realized that the fries that were "spilled" on the tray achley said something it said "will you go out with me" in fries. OMG is this really happening to me. I guess I  should answer him in fries. So I took some to the fries, not the ones he spelt the words out with, and made the word "yes." He came back from the bathroom and sat down across from me and read the fries and then smiled got up and gave me the biggest hug EVER. then me and Niall ate our food and then walked back home and watched a movie. We watched Finding Nemo and when Nemo got taken away I saw Niall starting to tear up so I said "umm are you crying?" "no why would I be crying at a little kid movie" he said back.  I could tell he was really crying. He is so cute when he cryies. I snuggled up to Niall and he put his arm around me. I felt so safe in his arms. Then when the movie was over it was about 10 o'clock in the morning and no one was awake yet. So Niall and I decided to bake a cake, but I wasn't really good at cooking so I just thought to do what Niall was doing. As we started to put some flour in the bowl Niall through some at me so I through some back at him. Then we got in a huge food fight I had just smashed an egg on Niall's head so he through frosting at my hair. Then I slipped on some of the egg yoke and fell into Niall's arms and then his face was just a few inches then he softly pressed his warm lips into mine.

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