The Beginning Of Something Beautiful

Violet is a total hopeless romantic, she's the girl that everyone goes to for relationship advice, the one who writes love songs, and falls for guys a lot. But she can't seem to find someone to love her back. Her not so great home life and full on optimisim make it hard for guys to like her. Life is hard for Violet, but Liam can make it easier.


2. Maybe

(Violet's POV) Oh my gosh... That was Liam Payne. And he just asked my name. Wait! No, I'm here for business. This is my job. I stood up and walked over to the recording booth. The whole band followed me and I snapped at them to sit down.But Liam was so sweet! We did the contest, the winners would be announced the following week. I kept thinking back to Liam, but I knew it wouldn't work out. Not if he saw my scars. 


When I was 11 my father walked out, leaving me with my abusive mother. She always seemed to go for my sister, but my sister passed away of cancer left untreated when I was 14. (I'm 16 now) I locked myself in my bedroom, never going to school. I wasn;t going to let my mother hurt me. But her screaming insults outside my door everyday hurt as bad as abusive would have. That's when it started. I cut one day after my mother finished my daily run of insults. It was a way to feel something. Eveyrthing got worse though. All up my arms and legs are the scars from my childhood. I tried suicide twice but my mother threatened worse things if I even tried to leave. Those scars, the remants of my ugly childhood have haunted me forever. Causing shunning, rejection, and worse from my peers. My mother killed herself in a car wreck right before I turned 16. But these marks on my skin will always be a reminder of my past. 


I've always wanted to change my past, if not change it, then forget my entire past and focus on the future. But that's easier said than done. I had come close, simply because I was so afraid to accept anything else. Or maybe just because I'd never even wanted to love someone enough to let them see my whole being, my personality, the scars, my likes and dislikes, and all the little things about me. But strangely enough, when I walked in to see Liam at work today,  it brought back everything that I'd been trying to forget. It surfaced everything that had been holding me captive for so long. Maybe things can change, can better, even for me. Maybe hope can come to the hopeless. 

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