She's Not Afraid

This story is about a young girl, Faith Carlo, who meets One Direction by accident and does not know who they are, as she is very poor and has no money to buy a computer or TV.
When she becomes a good friend of Niall Horan, she gets introduced to Zayn Malik, who changes her life forever. Should she be afraid?


3. Truly Madly Deeply

Faith's POV


After spending a few weeks with Zayn, I decided to talk to Niall. He was my best friend, I could trust him with anything.

"Hey! Niall! Breakfast's over, can I talk to you?" Since I had agreed to move in with the boys, I had my own room. It's cream. Everything is cream. Cream's a good colour. Suits me.

"Why? I'm starving," Niall moaned.

"We won't eat it, just go!" Louis shouted, bored of hearing us fight.

"Fine! I'll go!" Niall shouted back, jumping up and jumping on my back. I had to carry him to my room.


"So, what are you gonna talk about?" Niall crossed his legs on the bed like a little kid.


"You don't like him anymore? You cheated!" Niall screamed.

"NO Niall, shut it!"

"So what's up? Why did you drag me away from the food?"

"Does Zayn like me?"


"Sometimes, he doesn't act like it," I murmured. "It sound really needy but I can't trust him, not yet."

"He does like you, it'd just a bit much for him. He hasn't felt like this before, and it's new ground... Give it time Faith," Niall pulled me into a hug.

"You're my best friend Niall, if I had never met you... I don't know what would have happened with my life. It would have been messed up," I laughed.

"You're like a sister to me, and Louis and Liam... Not so sure about Harry though," Niall grinned.

"Can you get Zayn in?"

Niall got up, first going to his breakfast and then calling for Zayn.


"Zayn..." I whispered as he strolled into the room.

"What's up?"

"You will stay with me, right?"

"Of course!"

When we kissed it was like we would never see each other again. He ran his fingers through my hair and I held tightly onto the back of his neck. We sat looking at each other, I took in his features. Dark eyes, dark hair, strong jawline, beautiful.

"You're beautiful Carlo," He smiled.

"So are you, Malik," I smiled back.

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