She's Not Afraid

This story is about a young girl, Faith Carlo, who meets One Direction by accident and does not know who they are, as she is very poor and has no money to buy a computer or TV.
When she becomes a good friend of Niall Horan, she gets introduced to Zayn Malik, who changes her life forever. Should she be afraid?


1. Moments

Faith's POV


"Hello there, how are you today?" I asked a man as I checked through his order.

"I'm great, you?" An Irish accent replied.

"It's very good weather this week," I tried to make conversation.

"Are you asked to do this?" He laughed.

"Yes," I blushed.

"What's your name?"

"Faith Carlo," I smiled.

"I'm Niall Horan. When does your shift end?"

"Five, why?"

"Let me take you out for some fun!" He grinned.

I handed him his receipt. "Fine, but I'd need to go home first, to get changed."

"I'll take you there," His smile was adorable.

"Great, thanks, see you later."

He put his hood up, slipped on sunglasses, grabbed his shopping and left. He could be a good friend.


Niall's POV


That was strange. She didn't know who I was. I like her. She would make a good friend.

"Hey! I'm home!" I called to the boys.

"What did you buy?" Harry asked.


"What kind of food?" He tried again.

"All food," I smiled.

"Anything exciting happen?" Zayn questioned.

"I'm going to meet someone and then take them back here. I think you guys will like this person," I said, stuffing my face with crisps.

"That's fun!" Louis laughed

I checked my watch. It was half past four.

"Guys, I'm picking her up at five, we have fifteen minutes to get this place tidy," I shouted.


Faith's POV


I packed away my bags and at five Niall came through the doors and met me at the entrance. I directed him to my flat and changed into brown shorts and a white shirt. When I came out of my room I spotted Niall looking around.

"What is it?" I asked, worried.

"You live here?"

"Um, yeah, I suppose," I murmured.

"Come live with us for a while," He grinned.

"I would like to meet who you live with first."

"Fine, but you'll think about it?"


"Then lets go meet the boys!" Niall shouted and ran out the door.

I followed him quietly out the door to his car.


Zayn's POV


Niall took the person home, she was beautiful. Long, straight black hair with deep blue eyes.

"What's your name?" I asked, since Niall was busy eating.

"Faith Carlo, and your's is?"

"I'm Zayn Malik," I smiled. She didn't know who I was? Wow, no crazy fans here.

"What's up with you guys, I mean, Niall had to wear sunglasses and put his hood up walking out of the store," She questioned me.

"Um, well we're kind of famous," I looked at the ground.

"What kind of famous?"

"We're One Direction, huge stars and everything," Harry cut in. I glared at him. He was flirting with her.

"Oh," Faith murmured and walked over to the sofa, Harry following her like a puppy. I groaned.

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