Cuts and Scars

A girl from school who just wants to fit in. A boy who wants to help and tries but unsuccessful. She cries every night, Likes a boy but likes someone else. She only has one friend, Max. The boy she likes. She gets bullied and sits up in the bleachers scared to walk in class late. Laughs, pushes, pointing, Scars, cuts, blood. When will it end?


2. Its all going to fast.

     I woke up to screaming. It sounded like Max. I shot up and ran out to the kitchen. My mom was screaming at max "WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME, WHY I WAS SO HAPPY!" she was repeatedly slapping him with a belt and punching him he was screaming, There was ten bottles of beer. She was drunk. I Ran over to Max. "Get off of him! get off!" I pushed my mother  off of max and grabbed max and dragged him into my room and locked it. My mom was banging on the door screaming "UNLOCK THIS DOOR BABY I LOVE YOU!" I gasped as i saw max moaning in pain his face was beat up and red marks from the belt slaps. " Oh my gosh max! i knew this was a bad idea." I started crying. He moaned in pain again coughing up blood. I ran to my bathroom and grabbed a ton of rags and disinfection, i use it for my cuts. I Ran out to max who was coughing up blood. i was panicking. I started Dabbing on his bruises and blood from his nose. Then i saw it. blood pouring out of his stomach. She stabbed him. I gasped. "Max!" I picked him up with all my strength and ran out my window to my car. tears were pouring down my face. "Max don't die max please! PLEASE! don't die! i pour a ton of disinfection on a rag and placed it over his stomach. He gasped as it stung then relaxed. His breathing short. He coughed up more blood. I started my car and raced down the street. I was panicking i barely focused all i need was to get to the hospital. "Fiona. Help!..." Max Whispered. "I'm trying baby, Please breath keep a steady pace." I couraged max. He moaned in pain. I race onto the freeway getting plenty of middle fingers and swearing . I raced onto exit 67 Sharped turned and max forcibly slammed onto the seat. "oh no i'm sorry ill be more careful" I said. He screamed in pain. I turn into the ER. I grabbed Max outta the seat, thinking "This is going so fast, my mind is rushing. breath Fiona breath" He moaned in pain i kicked the door open screaming "HELP! HELP! PLEASE! HES HURT HELP!" Tears pouring like a waterfall. A nurse rushed to me and she gasped. "Ill be right back." She rushed through a door and seconds later four guys were pushing the door open rushing to me with a hospital bed. i lifted the rag and they all saw the deep knife cut. They took Max from me and laid him on the bed, i ran with them. Max got a breather on  and was sweating terribly. i brushed his sweaty hair back and mouthed "breath max" He barely had his eyes open. At one point i had to stop i stopped and just stood there he was taken into room 201. i heard doctors screaming rushing as they put max to sleep. I just froze as i watched through the little space that i could see through the window i saw max look at me his bright green eyes drooping to sleep with fear and scared. I stared at him and he passed out. 

  I sat in the lobby tapping my foot and chewing my nails i had to move or i would go insane i paced my self as i got up and walked back and fourth. I was so nervous i couldn't sleep last night it was early morning. i jumped as the nurse came in, my eyes black of sleepiness. "he's okay. but hes in serious condition your lucky he didn't die the cut just miss his stomach but its a very deep cut, the bruises are serve and he has a broken nose that's already set and place. He has very bad red marks that cut into his skin." i sat there. i cut the nurse off "Is he awake?" I asked. "yes he is but very hurt and sweating badly." i nodded and breathed deeply " i wanna see him." she nodded "Right this way." i followed her into room 334 she must of moved him. i walked in with my hands in my back pockets. my shoes tapping softly as he looked at me. oh my gosh he looked terrible, his stomach was wrapped and had ice on it. his face beat up and bandages everywhere from the belt slaps. i breathed heavy. biting my lip to hold back the tears. the nurse left and i grabbed a wet towel and started wiping his head softly he closed his eyes as the cool touch felt good. i finally spoke after awhile. "i-its all my fault. i knew this was a bad idea and its all my fault. your hurt badly. i just. i'm so sorry." i was sobbing softly "shh.. its not your fault its your mom she has not respect for anyone, i'm just happy it wasn't you" he said barely a whisper he coughed. I looked in his eyes. "i don't want you over anymore."  he touched my cheek. but that's all. I sighed. "your so sweaty. let me help you." I grabbed another rag and wiped it on his face and down his arms. i bent down and softly kissed his plump lip careful not to hurt him. i move to his cheek and brushed my nose against his cheek. "i'm sorry." a tear ran down my cheek. "shh" he rubbed my hair with his good hand. I stood up and looked into his eyes. "how can this all happen so fast." He smiled softly. "baby you need a reality check" i frowned. "No time for jokes." I  saw him rub his stomach and wince in pain. "oh no your pain pills are running out." I started to walk to the nurse. He weakly grabbed my arm . Barely pulled but i didn't make him pull anymore, i didn't want him to get hurt. i looked back he was closing his eyes and said. "no. they make me fall asleep i wanna see you." I rolled my eyes. "stop being rediclous. of course i'm getting your pain pills" i walked away and i heard him whimper behind me. 

"Excuse me miss? Do you have Max Lowell pain pills he sweated it off." she nodded "of course follow me." I followed her back to max room and she had the pain pills locked up he looked at me angry but he looked completely exhausted and like he was in pain so he needed them. i smiled. The lady forced the pills down because he wouldn't take it. i just rolled my eyes the whole time. I walked up to his sleeping face he looked so peaceful snoring softly. i rolled up in my chair and grabbed my ipod out i listen to music and read fan fics till i passed out on the chair. 

      i woke up to a big boom. i jumped and ran to Max he was still passed out from the pills i checked the time 10:30 am and it was thunder storming. it was peaceful to me. i ran my fingers down my hair. ew it was gross and my breath stank. i got a pen and paper and i wrote in neat letters Dear Max: i'm off to shower. don't worry ill deal with my mom hopefully she not drunk i love you get better please XoXo Ava<3  

    i got in my car and drove onto the highway listen to Ed sheeran. ugh it all just happened so quickly what a rush. I drove off exit 89 to my house. soon i drove into my driveway. i took a deep breath, praying my mom passed out. i walked inside. My brother stared at the t.v screen and my mom was passed out in her bed. THANK GOD. "hey buddy be quiet. okay i'm going to take a shower then i gotta leave." He looked terrified. I walked up to him "please take me with you mommy scare me" He asked. i nodded. "of course" i whispered "ill be right back honey." he nodded. I took a shower and brushed my teeth put new clothes on. "Alright lets bring your DSI and some toys were gonna be gone awhile." he nodded and quietly grabbed the things he wanted. I picked him up and we silently walked to my car. i put Jax in the back seat and strapped him in. he smiled i started the car and drove off relived there was no trouble. i got to the highway and looked back on Jax he was playing with his DSI like a good boy. I loved my brother i would kill to move in a small apartment with Max me and him it be much better for him. i sighed. We pulled up into the ER driveway and i held his hand as we walked in. the nurse gave Jax a little dinosaur sticker and sucker he was so happy, i loved to see Jax happy. i walked in and Max was wide awake, Watching the news. "hey" i said as i walked softly in the door. "You scared me so much!" He barely whispered. i sighed, "Oh hey buddy." he greeted Jax. Jax giggled and hopped on the seat next to him and started reading his favorite book which hes really getting the hang of. i smiled. and sat at the end of Max's bed and watched the news. "sorry i just toke off i was scared jax was hurt and i really stunk. He laughed quietly. i layed down carefully next to him and we all hanged out together playing games talking laughing and watching t.v. jax really loved Max.

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