Cuts and Scars

A girl from school who just wants to fit in. A boy who wants to help and tries but unsuccessful. She cries every night, Likes a boy but likes someone else. She only has one friend, Max. The boy she likes. She gets bullied and sits up in the bleachers scared to walk in class late. Laughs, pushes, pointing, Scars, cuts, blood. When will it end?


3. hearts beating uneven.

      "I'm scared to go back" A tear escaped my eyes. I shoke as i whimpered. "Please. I don't want you to get behind. Come back ill take care of Jax everything will be okay, i'm almost better." Max stroked my hair comforting me as i softly laid on his chest. I Looked at the clock *:30 i had to get going if i was gonna make it to school. I sighed gave max a desperate look, pleading him. He just looked at me like stone i could tell he didn't want me to leave either. I gave jax a kiss on the head he grabbed for me. I swallowed my fear and touch his face softly, i slipped my beanie on and walked out the door. i ran down the hall tears streaming of fear. I Pushed the door forcibly and ran as hard as i could i just wanted to get in my car. I pulled my door opened and slid in. I breathed heavy. I looked at the corner of my eye sharply i saw the corners of my phone and the detail of my case flowers and stripes and beauty, i wish i was beautiful. I don't even know why Max liked me i mean who would. Im so messed up in the mind. I pulled my hair with my hands and put my head on my knees rubbing my head. I knew what i had to do talk to someone i haven't talk to since i was young. I folded my hands and closed my wet eyes shut. "Please, God i know i haven't talked to you in years but i need you. I need the courage the courage to stand up to my haters. I hate my life i wanna start over. I DIDN'T CHOOSE TO BE LIKE THIS! Just why god why is my life like this. Please help me" I sat there for a minute and i finally started my car. I drove to school not a tear shedding from my eyes. 

     I walked up to the door and opened the door with out any fear. The whole hall grew quiet i had a mean stare, A stare that no one would mess with me today. Or ever. A girl opened her mouth to speak i went up to her and punched her in the mouth. "Shut it" I said and walked away. I felt strong i felt power, nobody was going to mess with me. EVER again. Or so i thought.

   I was walking back to my car and feeling proud to go a whole day with only a few comments. But then a group of drunk guys ganged up on me "Hey pretty lady wheres max?" I froze "Some where" That's all i said and kept walking. I heard a guy whisper "Oh shit dude she killed him WHAT A FREAK."  I stopped and turned. "I did not kill max i'm not a freak or a killer and if you are just going to jump to conclusions then your the freak." I stared angrily into his eyes " No, need to get mad pretty lady lets go have some fun shall we?"  I grunted and turned away. I felt him grab my arm and started pulling me and the guys laughing behind me "Get off of me you freaks!" I screamed he was forcibly pulling me arm and it was painful. I looked around no one was at school. great. Help when you need it. "Let go!" I angrily screamed. I had nothing on my but my back pack.... I remember i have a pocket knife just in case. I sneaked my hand around to my back pack still pulling and they were slowly dragging me. I grabbed and quickly pulled the switch to get the knife. "Oh! shit dude she has a knife!!! Let go!" The man just laughed "She ain't gonna do nothing shes a stick." I Stared at him "Oh really? well here's a little meat of this stick!" I stabbed his wrist and pulled the knife away. I breathed heavy. "Here pussy have a bandage." I tossed him a tiny bandage and laughed and ran to my car and pulled away.

  I pulled back up to the hospital and sighed deeply as i tapped my thumbs on the steering wheel just reeling in on what just happened. I pushed my door open and walked out on the pavement. I entered and came face to face to the counter lady. "Excuse me miss i'm Fiona um-" she cut me off "Oh yes right this way." All the sudden my head felt hot. I paced my self as my head was dizzy. "Oh gosh." I groaned. the nurse saw me UN-balanced. "A-are y-you o-okay." Her voice was echoy. There was something wrong. I looked at the clock half past 24? "What?" i whispered. My vision was blurry. "f-f-f-fiona! d-do y-y-you want t-t-to l-lie d-d-d-down?" The nurse was holding on to me. i started hallucinating. I saw my mom as a young woman happy with me as a little one year giggling as she played with me. I saw my dad drunk swearing at my mom and punching her."NO!!! Stop it you stupid dick!" I screamed but the nurse was gone now. I saw a vision of my brother being born me as a little 10 year old laughing and smiling at my new baby brother.I saw Max and me meeting at school for the first time, as little 12 year olds. I saw a vision of me cutting for the first time it made me cringe to how deeply it was and how hard i was crying as i heard my mom and dad fighting. Lastly i saw my present right now me i was naked. ribs slightly out and hip bones slightly poked out scars everywhere 50 100 ? i was a mess,I snapped back into life. My breathing got hard. My knees buckled and i collapsed onto the floor. Everything went black.

  My eyes fluttered open. Then black. The fluttered open again. Blackness darkness. "Fiona, Fiona! fiona." I focused on the voice calling my name. "Fiona it's Max. Fiona wake up its okay. i'm right here." I breathed hard and i opened my eyes. "Max.?" I whispered in a cracked voice. "Fiona its me Max, yes im right here." I smiled weakly and exhaustion draped over me like a blanket and i slowly fell asleep "Fiona! Fiona......f...i....o...n...a..." The last calls of Max as i passed out.


I looked to my right Max was standing. A sharp pain in my stomach hit my like blades cutting into fresh skin. i winced I winced and closed my eyes tight It hit me again. I screamed in pain. Max walked over to me. My vision was blurry. It hit again i shut my eyes tight Holding my stomach. rolling to my side. "Fiona" max said. "Whats wrong with me?" I asked weakly and winced in pain "Well, so all the stuff with your mom and me got you so busy and rushed you kinda forgot to eat. for two weeks. And u collapsed out of exhaustion." Max explained. I shook my head how can i be so stupid and absent minded? Being in the process of healing from anorexic can get to your head and since your so used to eating so little i never thought of eating. My stomach spiked me again and it was painful. "Let me eat something. please." i begged max.He shook he head i frowned. "Your body is so used to not eating it will reject the food and you will have to stay longer but u can have something to drink." I nodded. "PLEASE! i need something in me." He ran and got a drink and i gulped it down in five seconds. then the nurse walked in. "How are you feeling?" The nurse asked. "I'm starving but the sharp pains have stopped hurting" She nodded and wrote some things on a pad and paper. "You can go home tonight but take this pills every day and night the side effect are very small and only eat juices and drinks and smoothies and a ton of protein shakes." I nodded. She walked out and all the sudden i felt sleepy. my eyes drooped and max saw me. He smiled. "Get some sleep, love" I barely listening and i was out.

      I woke up 9:30 max was sitting and watching the new. I noticed something different. It was quiet. There was no laughter and a little kid playing with his games. Jax. WHERES JAX? i shot up ouch my head. "Max?! wheres jax?!" He smiled. "Don't worry love he just at my house with my mom he safe." I sighed in relief. he walked up to me and carefully laid me down with his hand on my back leaning me backwards. he slowly leaned in an closed his eyes. he was holding my back still and lifted me slightly up to his soft lips. my eyes fluttered closed. our chests rising as we kissed. He smiled in between and laughed. he kissed my cheek and back up to my lips. Soon his strong muscles picked me up and i was cradled in his arms. i lowered my head to listen to his heart beat evenly and my was out of control. I put my wrist on his chest and it hurt badly for some reason. he looked down at my wrist. "Whats wrong with your wrist?" shit! i forgot about the dude who held it so tight. I digged my face into his shirt and hid my wrist away from him. "Fiona..." He whispered "nothing" I lied. "then why is it swollen." Max asked.  "I banged it you know how clumsy i am." I blushed. He laughed. "Yea. don't worry its adorable." He smoothed my black hair and said. "Its ten o clock lets go home. finally. ill make u a smoothie too." i'd like that " I smiled and he carried me out the door

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